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Solo performance at the Tranzac, Toronto, December 10. Also on the bill: Alicia Grant. Curated by Andrew Zukerman.

Duo for Solo performance, with Marla Hlady and Jade Rude, as part of Jade’s exhibition A (silent) Concerto, at Christie Contemporary, Toronto, December 7.

Conference presentation of Soundfullessness, part of Tuning Speculation VII conference at Array Space, Toronto, November 17. table at the Edition 4 – Toronto International Art Book Fair, at the Metro Convention Centre, October 24-27. First presentation of the Record Release 12-inch (books).

Canadasonic was commissioned in 2015 for the Sound Art: Sound as a Medium of Art anthology published by ZKM/MIT (as an extension of the exhibition of the same name the ZKM had in 2012, exhibition site here). It is out this fall.

Swan Song, work produced with Marla Hlady. Part of the works produced during a three-month artist residency at the Glenfiddich Distillery. Work shown as part of the first group exhibit at the Artists at Glenfiddich space in Dufftown, Scotland, July 26 – August 25, 2019.

Mixer, part of the Borderline Festival, at the main stage of Onassis Stegi, Athens, Greece, April 5.

Solo Performance, part of the Solo Marathon, Irtijal Festival, at Zouzak Studio, Beirut, Lebanon, March 31.

Soundfullessness, conference presentation, at the 10th SAR conference on Artistic Research, organized by the Society for Artistic Research (SAR) , at the Zurich University of the Arts, Zürich, Switzerland, March 22.

Stéréophonie (Étouffements et Éparpillements), conference presentation, part of the MMAINTENANT conference series curated by Matthieu Saladin and organized by l’université Paris 8, les Instants Chavirés and Synesthésie, Paris, France, March 18.

Performance, evening curated by Apologies in Advance, also featuring Esther Venrooy, and Bobby Two, at DE PLAYER, Rotterdam, Netherlands, March 16.

Mixer, part of the Apologies in Advance series. Curated by Tom White. At the South London Gallery, London, England, March 15.

Artist talk, part of the Visiting Practitioners Series at the London College of Communication (UAL: Creative Research into Sound Arts Practices), London, UK, March 14. Facebook page for the series here.

Talk Tongue, artist talk, part of the Sussex Performance Events and Research (SPEAR) series, at the University of Sussex, Brighton, UK, March 13.

Record Release 12-inch (Grids) and Record Release 12-inch (Videos), for group exhibition Feedback #4 Marshall McLuhan and the Arts, at The Valade Family Gallery, College for Creative Studies (CCS), Detroit, Michigan, USA, February 16 – March 23.

___r________, a performance with Marla Hlady, as part of Static Gestures at Electric Perfume, Toronto, January 5.

One Thousand Thousand (2015-2024), the next 100 installment is featured in a daily posting on twitter at @christofmigone for the first 100 days of 2019.

Today Calls (2018), for the duration of 2019, daily posting of the audio version of the piece (@todaycalls). Text version can be found at the dedicated project site Today Calls.Website. Texts by Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer, Christof Migone, and Jordan Scott. Featuring the voices of Lauren Cullen, Amy Fung, Francisco-Fernando Granados, Marla Hlady, Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer, Christof Migone, and Niloufar Salimi. Project funded by the Ontario Arts Council.


__p_________, a performance with Marla Hlady, at Experimental Intermedia, New York City, December 7.

Artist talk, MFA Graduate studio seminar taught by Marina Rosenfeld, School of Visual, Media, and Performing Arts at Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, New York, December 5.

External critic, MFA Graduate studio seminar taught by Emily Vey Duke, Department of Transmedia at Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York, December 3. participates in Volume, the Montreal Art Book Fair, SAT (1201 boul. St-Laurent), October 20 – 21, Montréal.

Malebouche, a performance for Verbal Matters event, PEER Gallery, London, England, October 18.

Spooloff. A performance for two performers. Unspooling my archives. Double nod to Beckett’s Krapp’s Last Tape and Gilbert & George’s The Singing Sculpture. Presented at the London College of Communication (University of the Arts London – <ahref=””>UAL).

Shopwork (LCC). A full-day workshop for graduate students in Sound Arts at the London College of Communication (University of the Arts London – UAL). The morning session consisted of an extended artist talk and a trial run of Spooloff. The afternoon was an entangled improvisation, or an improvisation of entanglement. had a table at the 2018 Toronto Art Book Fair, July 5 – 8.

Single (2008) included in the group exhibition titled Record Shop at MKG127 in Toronto, June 30 – August 11. A limited edition of the screen-printed covers is now available from the online store.

Record Release 7-inch (Huronia) (2018), Vol. 5 (out of a series of 7) has been released. A collaboration with Marla Hlady. Part of the “Recounting Huronia: A Participatory Arts-based Research” project. Recordings made in fall 2014 at the Huronia Regional Centre in Orillia, Ontario, Canada. Mixed and edited summer 2016. See Soundfull: A Wall Speaks, A Door Shakes, A Floor Trembles for an extended artist statement on the project. There are 77 copies of each release in the series. Published by Main page for overall project here.

Record Release 7-inch (Scratch) (2018), Vol. 4 (out of a series of 7) has been released. Recorded and presented as part of Sweet Gongs Vibrating at the San Diego Art Institute, a line has two sides at the Artlab in London (Ontario), and in Toronto: Press Play at Zalucky Contemporary, and at the Tranzac. All in 2016-2017. Mixed and edited summer 2017. There are 77 copies of each release in the series. Published by Main page for overall project here.

Disco Sec (Publication) (2009), is now available from the online store. The original publication consisted of an LP cover, 5 x 11″ x 11″ full-color inserts, plus an audio CD. The numbered edition of 45 has a hole drilled through all the material (save the cd cover and cd itself), plus an MDF board to give the object much needed rigidity. The board has been marked by a punch tool with the number of the edition. These are the only remaining copies of this publication. Originally published by Avatar/OHM éditions in 2009. Graphic design by Jean-François Proulx of Balistique. Main page for project: Disco Sec.

Records from Record Release Record (2016), first presented as part of solo exhibition Press Play at Zalucky Contemporary in Toronto, Nov. 2016 – Jan. 2017 are now available for mailorder from the online store. Each 12” record is part of a set of 12, and there are 12 sets in total (1 – Arrows, 2 – Art, 3 – Books, 4 – Card Catalogues, 5 – Circles, 6 – Flowers, 7 – Halves, 8 – Hands, 9 – Lines, 10 – Records, 11 – Rocks, 12 – Shadows). The records covers and vinyl inside are unrelated to the image on the front which documents a single vinyl pellet left in a location. The image is printed on adhesive paper and overlaps on all four sides effectively sealing the record inside. The pellets are part of the long-term project Record Release 12-inch which consists in releasing a single record one pellet at a time.

Fragments of Noise. Invited special guest to contribute to week 4 of the March discussion on the subject of “Noise: Disorientation, Contamination, and (Non)Communication” featured on the -empyre- listserv. The list is hosted by the Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art at Cornell University. The archive of monthly topics from 2002 to present day:
. Other special guests during the month: David Xu Borgonjon, Weida Wang, Wenhua Shi, Xin Zhou, Eleonora Oreggia, Ryan Jordan, Julien Ottavi, Norie Neumark, Sarah Simpson, Caitlin Woolsey, Gianluca Pulsoni, Junting Huang.

_m__________, a performance with Marla Hlady, part 4 of the Rat-drifting series at Array Space, on February 17 in Toronto.

Record Release 12-inch, installation version, part of group exhibition FEEDBACK #2 MARSHALL MCLUHAN AND THE ARTS. Featuring Peter Blegvad, (Stephanie Ballantine, Lena Chen, Esben Holk), Adam Harvey, Mogens Jakobsen, Marshall McLuhan (Archivmaterial), Christof Migone, and Ioana Vreme Moser. Curated by Baruch Gottlieb. Presented at EIGEN+ART LAB, Berlin, Germany, January 27 – February 24.
Flipper ABC, publication consisting of 99 different bookmarks designed by Marie-Douce St-Jacques and a set of digital audio files (totalling 11 hours and 31 minutes) for each of the three connected projects (Flipper A, Flipper B, Flipper C). Edition of 99. Launch on Friday January 5 at Librairie Le Port de tête in Montréal.

Today Calls, daily feed at the dedicated project site Today Calls.Website. Texts by Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer, Christof Migone, and Jordan Scott. Project funded by the Ontario Arts Council.


i____________, a performance with Marla Hlady at Ftarri, December 17, Tokyo, Japan.

Strike, installation in collaboration with Marla Hlady, for the group exhibition “Revolution Will Not Be Televised” which is part of the festival Sound Effects Seoul 2017, curated by Baruch Gottlieb and Ji Yoon Yang, December 8, 2017 – January 28, 2018, ArKO Museum, Seoul, South Korea.

Hit Parade, 10 years after the first performance of Hit Parade in Seoul, after which presentations followed in Montreal, Québec City, Cagliari, Zagreb, New York, Lausanne, Kitchener, Winnipeg, Melbourne, Dundee, Milan, Rotterdam, Porto, Toronto, the 16th edition of this piece returns to its starting city in the context of the group exhibition “Revolution Will Not Be Televised” which is part of the festival Sound Effects Seoul 2017, curated by Baruch Gottlieb and Ji Yoon Yang, December 8, ArKO Museum, Seoul, South Korea.

Questionable – Questioned – Questionnaire, a text commissioned by the Independent Media Arts Alliance (IMAA) for their Perspectives series in response to the Sound Art Gathering they organized in November 2016 in Toronto.

4 feet and 33 inches (ellipse) (ellipsis), two neon installations based on John Cage’s 4’33”, presented as part of the four-person exhibition “Silence, Pressure, Noise” (alongside Christine Sun Kim, Darrin Martin, Rehab Nazzal), curated by Vicky Moufawad-Paul. November 10, 2017 – January 13, 2018. Opening Reception: Friday November 10, 7-9 pm, at the McIntosh Gallery), London, Ontario, Canada.

Hit Parade, group performance, plus Fingering, solo performance, plus Open Mic workshop, at the Casino de Montbenon, part of the Lausanne Underground Film Festival (LUFF 2017), October 18 – 22, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Record Release 12-inch, installation version, part of group exhibition FEEDBACK #1 MARSHALL MCLUHAN AND THE ARTS. Featuring Marshall McLuhan (CA), Peter Blegvad (UK), Disnovation (SW/DE), Harun Farocki (DE), Darsha Hewitt (CA), Mogens Jacobsen (DK), Willy Lemaitre (CA), !mediengruppe Bitnik (DE), MRZB (IT), Christof Migone (CA), Reynold Reynolds (US), Thomas Bégin (CA), Wolfgang Spahn (DE), Hito Steyerl (DE), Stephanie Syjuco (PH) & Angela Washko (US). Curated by Baruch Gottlieb & Marie-José Sondeijker. Presented by West Den Haag, The Hague, Netherlands, September 22 — November 19.

Shut Up (Preambles and Postfaces), presentation at the Never the Same: what (else) can art writing do? forum, September 15 – 17. Part of the Performing and Materialising Art Writing panel with Lisa Robertson, Mark Clintberg, and Amy Fung. Other forum participants include Chris Kraus, Joan Borsa, David Garneau, Maria Fusco, Jeanne Randolph, Helena Reckitt. Presented by Contemporary Calgary, Calgary, Alberta.

S.U.M. (Standing Under Mis), a collaboration between Marla Hlady, Christof Migone, Chloë Lum, Yannick Desranleau. Exhibition at Katzman Contemporary, Toronto, September 6 – October 28. Opening September 6 at 6pm.

Millefeuille 2, part of group exhibition extratextual. Curated by Lisa Baldissera and Joanne Bristol. Presented by Contemporary Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, September 1, 2017 — January 21, 2018.

Stéréophonie, text installation written in collaboration with Simon Brown and Julie Doucet. Commission by DAIMON. Part of the Interstices event (in English here), July 12 – August 30. Launch July 12, 7pm at La Filature.

Testing, Testing (London), performed with Megan Arnold, at Museum London, London, Ontario, Canada, June 4 (1 – 2pm).

Micro, a selection of images from this photo series, and an installation version of Testing, Testing (London) are included in the group exhibition Sounds Assembling , at Museum London, London, Ontario, Canada, May 13 to September 24.

Door to Door to Door, my essay on the Door to Door series I curated for the Blackwood Gallery between 2011-2013 is included in the publication: Urban Encounters: Art and the Public, edited by Martha Radice and Alexandrine Bourdreault-Fournier, in the Culture of Cities series edited by Will Straw and Kieran Bonner. Artists featured in the series and discussed in the essay: Camilla Singh, Germaine Koh, Gordon Hicks, Micah Lexier, Alexander Irving, Karen Kraven, John Marriott, Gina Badger, Tazeen Qayyum, Adam David Brown, Nancy Nowacek, Sandy Plotnikoff, and Nathalie Quagliotto.

Hit, Hit Maker, Hit Parade, works documented in the form of artist pages in the Performance Art and the Public Sphere anthology, ed. Ana Pais, Orfeu Negro, Lisbon. In Portuguese and English.

Record Release 12-inch, free pdfs of first five sets of 1000 now available (0001-1000, 1001-2000, 2001-3000, 3001-4000, 4001-5000). Design concept: Jennifer Martin and cm. Layout: Jennifer Martin.

Record Release 7-inch, performance for the final day of the Press Play solo exhibition, Zalucky Contemporary, January 14, 2017, Toronto, Ontario.

Art Now! Speakers Series, organized around the topic title: DIY (From Scratch to Share), winter 2017 for the Department of Visual Arts at Western University. Featuring local artist-run center roundtable (Forest City Gallery, Good Sport, LOMAA), Vicky Moufawad-Paul, Shelley Niro, Simone Jones, Peter Flemming, Helen Fielding, and VS VS VS VS.


Powerpointless, a presentation/performance for the UMBRAL festival, at the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Mexico, December 1.

Press Play, solo exhibition, Zalucky Contemporary, November 26, 2016 – January 14, 2017, Toronto, Ontario.

Flipper B featured on the Sonic Materialities issue of textsound: an online audio publication (issue 21), curated by Michael Nardone.

Artist talk titled Powerpointless (or Powerlesspoint) in Methods in Practice-Based Research class, and grad studio visits at the Department of Visual Art and Art History, York University, Toronto, November 15.

Participant in the Sound Art Caucus, organized by the Independent Media Arts Alliance (IMAA) in partnership with New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA), at the Canadian Music Center, Toronto, November 10-11. Commissioned report Questionable – Questioned – Questionnaire published online in 2017.

Record Release 7-inch, installation (October 27 – November 10) and performance (November 3), part of Faculty/Staff show A Line Has Two Sides, Artlab, Western University, London, Ontario.

Artist talk, class and grad studio visits at the Department of Sound at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), October 11 – 14.

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhe: Silence and Sound in Performance, essay commissioned by YYZ Books for More Caught in the Act: an anthology of performance art by Canadian women, eds. Johanna Householder and Tanya Mars. Launch September 24 at YYZ in Toronto. Facebook event here.

Record Release 7-inch, performance and participation in a round table discussion with Steve Roden, Aren Skalman, and Margaret Noble as part of the closing event for the group exhibition Sweet Gongs Vibrating, curated by Amanda Cachia for the San Diego Art Institute, San Diego, May 28.

Mixer (Toronto), during the 21C Festival, at The Royal Conservatory, co-presentation with MOCA_Toronto_Canada. Featuring: Abbas Akhavan, Ronnie Clarke, Francisco-Fernando Granados, Jessica Karuhanga, Duncan MacDonald, Hazel Meyer, Stephen Mueller, Lisa MyersJuliana PivatoTazeen Qayyum, Jon Sasaki, Skawennati, Xuan Ye, Andrew Zukerman. May 25 – 29.

Je ne Je: Evasions somatiques et sonores, a presentation / performance organized by Matthieu Saladin for La fabrique des arts sonores – Labex Arts H2H / Université Paris 8, at the galerie Salle Principale, 28 rue de Thionville, Paris, France. Friday May 6.

Fingering, at Cave 12, Geneva, Switzerland, Wednesday May 4.

Mixer (Prague), solo version for the vs. Interpretation festival, Prague, Czech Republic, April 27 – May 1. A documentary of the whole fest can be viewed here (section on this piece starts at 6:30).

Contributor to the Writing and Sound Art portion of the Writing as Practice/Practice as Writing conference (SAR – International Conference on Artistic Research), The Hague, Netherlands, April 28 – 29.

Record Release 7-inch, installation presented in the group exhibition Sweet Gongs Vibrating, curated by Amanda Cachia for the San Diego Art Institute, San Diego, March 26 – May 28.

Record Release 7-inch and Record Release 12-inch and Si Su, installation / performance / presentation as part of the colloquium-laboratory L’imprévu : de l’erreur à l’errance, organized by Serge Cardinal, Frédéric Dallaire, and Mario Gauthier of La création sonore, at the Ancienne École des Beaux-Arts, Montreal, March 17 – 18. Documentation here.

With: Alexandre St-Onge’s Cosmo-Touch, essay for the Semblances monograph on Alexandre St-Onge published by Avatar. The publication also features Nicole Gingras and Brandon LaBelle. Translation by Daniel Canty. Editing by Caroline Gagné. Hardcover, 80 pages. The entire publication including is available as a free and searchable pdf here. The eponymous new sound work by Alexandre is downloadable from the same page. Launched in Quebec City on February 25, and in Montreal in two separate events March March 17 and 18.

Nothing Here But Everything. Text piece presented in the group exhibition À la recherche (in search of practice-based research), curated by Barbara Balfour for Open Studio in Toronto. January 8 – February 6, 2016. Opening January 8.

Art Now! Speakers Series, organized around the topic title: LIVE (Survive), winter 2016 for the Department of Visual Arts at Western University. Featuring Karin Jones, cheyanne turions, Paola Poletto, Kim Solga, LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs, Tom Sherman, and Ian Doig-Phaneuf.


Contributor to Para//el Room exhibition at DNA artspace in London, Ontario. November 21 – December 22.

Record Release 7-inch performance / presentation as part Tuning Speculation III, at Array Music in Toronto, Saturday November 21.

Hit Parade (Cagliari) as part of Cagliari Capitale 2015, at the MEM – Mediateca del Mediterraneo, Via Goffredo Mameli, 164 in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy. November 20.

Microhole and « I » featured in group exhibition underpressure curated by DisplayCult. Also site of the launch of the Journal of Curatorial Studies, Volume 4, Number 2. The issue includes a text/image piece of mine, Gallery Guide: Through and Through, which is the inaugural artist/curator project for this journal. At Trinity Square Video in Toronto, November 12.

Impro Kino, panel presentation with Marla Hlady, at the Universities Art Association of Canada (UAAC). At NSCAD, Halifax, November 6.

Talk Artists, chair of a panel at the Universities Art Association of Canada (UAAC). Featuring Barbara Balfour, Yannick Desranleau and Chloe Lum, and Stephen Mueller. At NSCAD, Halifax, November 6. Related to Talk Artist but different.

Present, contribution to the symposium titled Doing Sounding Exchaning Thinking: The Auditory Experience of the social at Foundation B.a.d in Rotterdam, Holland. Curated by thickear. October 31.
Record Release 12-inch, featured as a Walking Proposition on the WalkingLab website.

Millionaire (machine) with Marla Hlady, part of the Exhibiting Sound exhibition at dc3 art projects, Edmonton, Alberta, October 14 – November 14.

Joined Sculpture a Day as a regular contributor.

Interview by Ely Rosenblum for the Centre for Imaginative Ethnography.

Hit (Nuit Blanche), commission for Nuit Blanche in Toronto, part of The Work of Wind, curated by Christine Shaw. October 3 – 4, sunset to sunrise.

Strike and Hit, with Marla Hlady, for the Art Gallery of Ontario First Thursdays, October 1st, 7 – 11:30pm. Including the following works: On Strike and a version of Hit (Nuit Blanche).

Hit Parade (Zabreb), presented as part of the Expanded Cinema section of the 25fps festival, Zagreb, Croatia, September 27.

Record Release 7-inch, broadcast of Kunstradio commission on Austrian national radio broadcaster ORF, September 27.

The Release Into MotionSouth Winds, and Flatus Vocis: Somatic Winds presented as part of Symphony of Hunger: Digesting Fluxus in Four Movements at the AplusA Gallery in Venice, Italy. Curated by the September Collective for the School for Curatorial Studies Venice. September 24 – October 31.

Millefeuille and Flipper A at The Bookcase, micro-museum and library project by Kirsty Robertson, Department of Visual Arts, Western University. Opening September 16.

Millefeuille 2, first exhibition of 2013 piece at QueenSpecific, 787 Queen Street West, Toronto. Curated by Joy Walker. On view 24/7. Opening September 11.

Gallery Guide: Through and Through, text/image piece for the Journal of Curatorial Studies, Volume 4, Number 2. It is the inaugural artist/curator project for this journal.

Sonic Somatic and Sound Voice Perform, published by Errant Bodies Press, are now both available for free in pdf form, see respective project pages.

Record Release 7-inch, solo set presented as part of INTERsection, presented by Contact Contemporary Music and Burn Down the Capital, Yonge & Dundas Square, 1 Dundas Street East, Toronto, outdoors, free, September 5, 2-10pm.

Volumes, publication, including 144 page book with 14 writers, 10-inch vinyl record with 15 tracks, and image foldout with 113 full-colour images. Co-edited with Martin Arnold. Features 5 exhibitions, including Volume: Hear Here. Launch at Hart House in Toronto on Wednesday July 29, 5-8pm, details on the event here.

Record Release 7-inch, recording session at kunstradio, Vienna, Austria, July 16 – 17.

Count and Strike and Spin, collaboration with Marla Hlady at the Errant Bodies Sound Art Space, Berlin, Germany, June 27-July 5. Including the following works: On StrikeMillionaire (machine), and Spin Off.

Record Release 7-inch, presented as part of null point 7: Decay/Reverberate, Silo City, Buffalo, New York. June 12 – 14.

Record Release 7-inch, solo set presented as part of the Suoni per il Popolo festival, Sala Rossa, Montreal, June 9. As part of the same bill I will be playing in the ensemble performing Steve Bates‘s The Tangible Air. Also on the bill are the Mile End String Auxiliary.

Record Release 7-inch, residency at Avatar in Québec City, June 1 – 5.

Ear Room, email interview by Mark Peter Wright.

Mixer (Ottawa), presented by the Carleton University Art Gallery in Ottawa, part of Ontario Scene produced by the National Arts Center, May 9. Precursors: Mixer (Brussels)Mixer (Melbourne).

Ditto, curatorial project for NAISA (New Adventures in Sound Art), part 5 of the Cross Wave Series. Featuring Pierre-André Arcand, Kim Dawn, Diane Landry, Dan Lander, Micah Lexier, Kelly Mark, Ryan Park, Charles Stankievech, and Hildegard Westerkamp. On air (via NAISA website) during April, and live event at the NAISA space in Toronto on Saturday April 25 featuring a live rendition of Kelly Mark’s I Really Should….

Chair of Professional Panel featuring Julian Jason Haladyn, Dan Mellamphy, Nandita Biswas Mellamphy, and Eldritch Priest, part of the Boredom graduate conference presented by the Department of Visual Arts at the University of Western Ontario, March 21.

“banal. Breathing”, presentation for the Re: Mediation | Dialogue on Immersive & Interactive Art panel, other panelists: Jessica Field and Don Sinclair. Organized by Stephanie Anderson, Ulises Unda, and Margherita Papadatos in relation to the David Rokeby exhibition of his Very Nervous System at the McIntosh Gallery. Presented by the Department of Visual Arts in partnership with the McIntosh. Thursday, March 19.

Greatest Hits, presentation of upcoming record, for Sound Ripe, Sound Rotten event, evening also featuring Marla Hlady and Gordon Monahan, organized by Sweet Magic London, Friday February 6 at 80 Rectory St. London, Ontario.


Foursome, radio work produced in 2007, recently published in transcripted form in Beckett and Musicality, edited by Sara Jane Bailes and Nicholas Till (Ashgate, 2014). The book cover features the drawing produced blindly by the four choreographers I worked with (Dana Gingras, Tammy Forsythe, k.g. Guttman, and Marie-Claude Poulin). The book features Matthew Goulish, Catherine Laws, amongst many others.

The Micro Series (combo of Micro and Hit Parade), two-page feature in the inaugural Practices section of Revue d’art canadienne / Canadian Art Review (RACAR), guest edited by Risa Horowitz, Vol. XXXIX, No.1, Fall 2014, 32-33. Pdf here.

Hit Parade, video documentation presented at the BRUITS international colloquium, at the Cité du Cinéma/École Nationale Supérieure Louis Lumière on December 4 – 5 in Paris, France.

The First Sentence and the Last Word, selected by Daniella Cascella for Writing Sound 2, presented November 20 to December 14, 2014 at the Lydgallerie in Bergen, Norway.

Dial 40, performative telephone work available as part of the benefit auction on Paddle 8 for Art Metropole‘s 40th Anniversary, presented until November 20, 2014.

Yes/No exhibition and Yes/No: Sound/Image conference November 20-December 2 and November 21 respectively at the Artlab, John Labatt Visual Arts Centre, Western University, London, Ontario, Canada. Featuring student work for the former, and for the latter the Nihilist Spasm Band, Brian Price, Chris Kennedy, Olivia Boudreau, Stephen Mueller, Rehab Nazzal, Ulisses Unda, Peter Lebel, and Annie MacDonell.

Quieting, selected by curator Steve Bates for Cross Waves Series #2: Nothing (Repeated) presented by New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA).

“Sound Holes in the Gallery” conference presentation as part of The Senses and the Curatorial panel convened by Jim Drobnick, part of the Universities Art Association of Canada (UAAC) Conference held at OCADU in Toronto. Friday October 24.

Hit Parade (Melbourne)Mixer (Melbourne)Talk ArtistSonic Somatic. Series of activities presented at the Liquid Architecture Festival in Melbourne, Australia, September 24-28. Pdf of catalogue here, and insert with artist pages here.

Art Now! Speakers Series, organized around the topic title: Yes/No, fall 2014 for the Department of Visual Arts at Western University. Featuring Erin Sexton & Felix Lee, Tasman Richardson, Aja Rose Bond & Gabriel Saloman, Ame Henderson, Nandita Biswas Mellamphy, Christine Swintak, Louise Déry, and the Nihilist Spasm Band.

Hit Parade (Milan), performance presented in the context of the Cildo Meireles exhibition titled Installations. The same evening will feature Mark Fell’s Sky Dancers. Thursday July 10 at Pirelli HangarBicocca in Milan, Italy. HangarBicocca page on the event here. Facebook event page here.

Invited to join the editorial board of the Journal of Curatorial Studies.

Interviewed by Gaëtan Gosselin and Jean-Pierre Guay on the radio program La croche oreille aired on CKRL-FM in Québec City and archived online.

Featured guest on Ora, a radio program hosted by Daniella Cascella and Salomé Voegelin, topic: Curating Sound, aired on Resonance FM and archived online.

Solo performance based on Fingering material for series Guérilla unis par le bruit curated by Érick D’Orion at Le Cercle, part of Manif d’Art 7 – Québec City Biennial. Québec City on Friday May 30. Sharing the bill with Erin Sexton, and K.A.N.T.N.A.G.A.N.O. (Alexandre Saint-Onge, Jonathan Parant, Alexander Wilson). Facebook event here.

Conference presentation, “Somatic Sound Curating” at the Sound Art Curating Conference, at Goldsmiths (University of London) and the Courtauld Institute of Art, London, UK, May 15 – 17, 2014. Presentation is on Saturday May 17 at the Courtauld, and also participating on a panel on Friday May 16 at Goldsmiths where I presented a new text piece Hy-Ph-En.

4 feet and 33 inches (neons), first exhibit of new piece at Cambridge Galleries as part of group show titled 5 over 4 featuring other works by Marla Hlady, Eleanor King, Duncan MacDonald and Ursula Nistrup. May 2 – June 29, 2014. Opening Friday May 2.

Artist talk, part of the Intonarumori series presented by School of the Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA) Boston in collaboration with Harvard University’s Hearing Modernity seminar series. April 14 in the Alfond Auditorium at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Sans Sourdines, a new text commissioned by Dazibao for the 172 page publication, Home Sweet Home: À propos de l’inquiétude that accompanies the exhibition by the same name. Edited by France Choinière.

Conference presentation, How To Not Do Dot No To How, for the Méthodes hasardeuses panel, moderated by Jean Dubois, part of the colloquium La Recherche-Création Territoire D’Innovation Méthodologique, UQAM, Montréal, March 21.

Panel presentation, “Unsound Curating”, for panel on Sound Curating convened by Jennifer Fischer, also featuring Jim Drobnick. York University, February 26.

Artist talk, The Visiting Artists Program, Visual Arts, University of Victoria, in Victoria, British Columbia. Room A162 Visual Arts Building. February 19.

Started teaching at Western University in London, Ontario in the Department of Visual Arts. Full-time, tenure-track.


Record Release discussed by Seth Kim-Cohen in his new book Against Ambience.

Artist talk, Visual Arts MFA/PHD Speaker Series, Graduate Program in Visual Arts, York University, November 26.

Fingering featured in The Rusty Toque, Issue No. 5, an online literary and arts journal.

Sonic Somatic: Performances of the Unsound Body reviewed in Neural.

Invited participant at The Ecology of an Art Scene Symposium, November 8 – 9, Toronto.

Presentation by undo (Christof Migone & Alexandre St-Onge) titled “Turn, turn, turn: undo’s dizzy tactics in des tournages” at the Tuning Speculation: Experimental Aesthetics and the Sonic Imaginary conference, November 1 – 2, at Arraymusic, Toronto.

Presentations of a new version of Crackers and of the Door to Door curatorial series as part of the Urban Encounters: Art and the Public colloquium organized by Tracing the City: Interventions of Art in Public Space, NSCAD University, Halifax, October 10 – 12.

Residency at the Centre for Art Tapes to work on the third part of the Flipper project (Flipper AFlipper BFlipper C), October 3 – 16, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Winner of Best Exhibition Award for Volume: Hear Here, a group exhibition, curated for the Blackwood Gallery and presented at both the Blackwood and the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery, January 16 – March 10, 2013. The same exhibition garnered an Honourable Mention for Exhibition Design and a Design Award for the brochure (designed by Chris Lee). Awarded by the Ontario Association of Art Galleries (OAAG) on September 27. See article in Canadian Art.

Record Release featured in the electronic publication 40,000 years published in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Avatar. Free download, available in French and English versions.

Participant/performer in the Grand Happening Avatar #20 in celebration of the 20th anniversary of Avatar (of which I am a founding member), at the salle Multi, Méduse, Québec City, Saturday September 21.

Flipper A, sound installation for the echo Art Fair, at the Central Library at 1 Lafayette Square in Buffalo, New York, September 6 – 8.

Flipper A, sound installation for the Art Gallery of York University (AGYU), for their Audio Out Listening Post at the entrance of the AGYU, September 1 – November 30.

Record Release, installation version for group exhibition The String and the Mirror, curated by Lawrence Kumpf and Justin Luke, at Lisa Cooley, 107 Norfolk Street, New York, NY, August 1 – 28.

Running with Sounds, a workshop for the Sounds Like festival presented by AKA Gallery and Paved Arts, Saskatoon, Saturday July 27.

Hit (Saskatoon), an alternate version of Hit Parade for the Sounds Like festival presented by AKA Gallery and Paved Arts, Saskatoon, Saturday July 27.

Publick, a new installation for group exhibition Drift, curated by Micah Donovan at The Robert McLaughlin Gallery in Oshawa, Ontario. 16 June – 8 September. Opening Reception: Friday, 5 July.

Reading of Sonic Somatic: Performances of the Unsound Body‘s index as part of an evening also featuring Allen S. Weiss. At the Errant Bodies Project Space, Berlin, Sunday, June 16.

Vox Unpopuli, a presentation at the Resonant Bodies: Landscapes of Acoustic Tension conference at the Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry (ICI), June 13 – 15, 2013.

After a long hiatus, undo (Christof Migone and Alexandre St-Onge) returns as part of the Burn Down the Capital Showcase curated by Tad Michalak at the Music Gallery, Toronto, Saturday June 8.

Hit Parade (Kitchener), at the Between the Ears portion of CAFKA.13, Friday May 31, Kitchener City Hall.

Presentation on Record Release at Salon No. 5 organized by AxeNéo7, on the occasion of their 30th anniversary celebrations, Wednesday May 15, 2013.

Mixer (Brussels), a performance based on a series of other performances (old and new) occurring simultaneously. The performance was followed by a reading based on the mouth section of the Sonic Somatic: Performances of the Unsound Body book. Both are part of the Zilver Flotations event organized by Sarma and Oral Site, at Beursschouwburg, Brussels, Belgium, Friday April 12.

A reading based on the stutter section of the Sonic Somatic: Performances of the Unsound Body book at Museum Leuven as part of the Dropouts exhibition curated by Pieter van Bogaert, Leuven, Belgium, Thursday April 11, 8pm, free. The evening will include a screening of works by Manon de Boer and a screening of 4 feet and 33 inches in the atrium.

Sound by Artists: Book Launch and Panel Talks, a series of panels to accompany the republication of Sound by Artists, featuring Seth Kim-Cohen, Martin Arnold, Dan Lander, Jim Drobnick, Marla Hlady, David Merritt, Juliana Pivato, Adi Louria-Hayon, Barbara Fischer, Nicole Gingras and Christof Migone, At Hart House, Toronto on Sunday February 3. Presented by the Blackwood Gallery and the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery.

Hit Parade (Rotterdam), performance presented for Signals: Sound Stages curated by Edwin Carels, part of the International Film Festival Rotterdam. Monday, January 28, 5pm at Schouwburgplein, Rotterdam.

Volume: Hear Here, a group exhibition, curated for the Blackwood Gallery and the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery. January 16 – March 10. Featuring, at the Blackwood: Dave Dyment, Alexis O’Hara, Darsha Hewitt, John Oswald, Ian Skedd, Charles Stankievech; and at the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery: Mitchell Akiyama, crys cole, Marla Hlady, Neil Klassen, David Lieberman, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Sylvia Matas, David Merritt, Ryan Park, Juliana Pivato, Alexandre St-Onge, Chiyoko Szlavnics, John Wynne.


Unteachable: Provisos for a Para-Pedagogy, paper (revised from introductory remarks made at the Out of Joint: Voices on Mentoring conference) as part of the panel Disciplining Art Practice: Getting a Feel for the Game / Discipliner la pratique de l’art : Acquérir le sens du jeu, session chair Risa Horowitz, other panelists: Cliff Eyland, Tanya Mars, and Donna Szoke. At the Universities Art Association of Canada (U.A.A.C.) conference, Concordia University, Montreal, Saturday, November 3.

Hit Parade (Toronto), performance presented as part of the 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art. Saturday, October 27, Butterfield Park (beside OCADU).

4 feet and 33 inches, opening performance of The Future of Cage: Credo conference. Thursday, October 25, Robert Gill Theater, University of Toronto.

Winner of Best Exhibition Award for Landscapes Events Reproducted by Seripop. Awarded by the Ontario Association of Art Galleries (OAAG) on September 21 in the Great Hall at Hart House, University of Toronto.

Door to Door (5th edition), a series curated for the Blackwood Gallery. The fifth edition featured Adam David Brown and Nancy Nowacek. April 23 – 29.

Curatorial talk on Blackwood Gallery’s off-site series Door to Door as part of the Dexterity series presented by the Leonard & Bina Ellen Gallery, Concordia University, Montréal, September 20.

Toronto double book launch of Sonic Somatic: Performances of the Unsound Body and WOOD TWO at Art Metropole, 1490 Dundas St. West, Toronto, on Saturday September 15.

Montreal launch of Sonic Somatic: Performances of the Unsound Body book at Formats, 2, rue Sainte-Catherine Est, espace 302, Thursday August 9.

Montreal launch of Fingering and Record Release, Friday August 10.

Video clips of Hit Maker (Porto) will be presented at the Brick + Mortar International Video Art Festival in Greenfield, Massachusetts, October 2012 (curator Denise Markonish).

“Listening to Ray Bradbury’s Mars: A Conversation with Christof Migone” by Marc Weidenbaum regarding The Rise and Fall of the Sounds and Silences From Mars for No More Potlucks, Issue 22: Record, 2012.

Presentation of Radio Naked and performance of Fingering at events organized by New Adventures for Sound Art (NAISA) on May 14, 25, 26 and June 2. Check NAISA site for details. Curated by Darren Copeland (Radio Naked) and Nick Storring (Fingering).

Diffusion of “A Day in the life of a microphone” from Hole in the Head at the galerie de l’Institut français de Rabat, Morocco, May 26 – June 2. Curated by Anna Raimondo.

Hit Maker (Sudbury) for the FAAS 3 (Foire d’art alternatif de Sudbury) organized by the Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario. Performance on May 11 – 12.

Hit Parade (New York), performance presented as part of Arika‘s programming for the Whitney Biennial titled A survey is a process of listening. On Thursday May 3, at the Whitney Museum.

Door to Door (4th edition), a series curated for the Blackwood Gallery. The fourth edition featured Gina Badger and Tazeen Qayyum. April 23 – 29.

Sonic Somatic: Performances of the Unsound Body, 282 page book published by Errant Bodies Press is out. Distributed in North America by D.A.P. and in Europe by les presses du réel, both ship worldwide. Also available on Amazon.

Fingering live at Oz Studios, 134 Ossington Ave. Toronto on Saturday March 24. On same bill: Nick Storring and Arkm Foam/Checkers, check facebook event page here.

The Record Release (12-inch) project begins.

A selection of audio work included in the Radio Boredcast organized by Vicky Bennett as part of the AV Festival 2012 As Slow As Possible in Newcastly upon Tyne, UK from 1-31 March.

Exhibition review “Boîte de transmission : écrits surThorax de Jean-Pierre Gauthier” in Inter No. 110, Langage Plastique, Québec, 2012. In French. The English version of this text appear in Sonic Somatic: Performances of the Unsound Body (Errant Bodies Press, 2012).

Landscapes Events Reproducted, a solo exhibition by Seripop (Yannick Desranleau and Chloe Lum), curated for the Blackwood Gallery. January 18 – March 4.


Door to Door (3rd edition), a series curated for the Blackwood Gallery. The third edition featured Karen Kraven and John Marriott. December 12 – 18.

Taciturntablism, paper presentation for the Sound Art Theories Symposium at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, November 5 – 6.

Hit Parade (Porto), performance and Hit Maker (Porto)and artist talk for Trama Festival, Porto, Portugal, October 13 – 15.

Hit Parade (Winnipeg), performance and artist talk at Plug In for Send + Receive Festival, Winnipeg, October 5 – 8.

Door to Door (2nd edition), a series curated for the Blackwood Gallery. The second edition featured Alexander Irving and Micah Lexier. September 26 – October 2.

Fingering, performance for Espace [Im]Média at the Centre des arts de la scène Jean Besré, Sherbrooke, September 17.

The Rise and Fall of the Sounds and Silences From Mars, a silent sound text work presented as an installation at Electric Eclectics 6 in Meaford, Ontario July 29 – 31. Book version published by Parasitic Ventures Press.

Door to Door (1st edition), a new series curated for the Blackwood Gallery. The first edition features Camilla Singh and Germaine Koh & Gordon Hicks. May 30 – June 5.

WOOD, editor of catalog for the Blackwood Gallery. A 184 page compendium of the Blackwood’s 2009 programming. Launch at Art Metropole in Toronto, May 7.

Following Following Piece (Montreal, July 8, 2008 to June 2, 2010), exhibition curated for the Blackwood Gallery. Solo exhibition featuring Thérèse Mastroiacovo.

La première phrase et le dermier mot (excerpt) featured in Against Expression: An Anthology of Conceptual Writing, eds. Craig Dworkin and Kenneth Goldsmith, Northwestern University Press, 2011, pp. 428-430.

Danger in Paradise featured in Transmission Arts: Artists & Airwaves, ed. Galen Joseph-Hunter, New York: PAJ Publications, 2011, p. 100.


I Think, Therefore I Follow: The Sequitur Principle in Contemporary Conceptual Practices, presentation at the international conference organized by the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery as part of the exhibition Traffic: Conceptual Art in Canada 1965 – 1980, November 26 – 28.

Auditorium, publication of artist pages (pp. 23-28) in the “On Listening” issue of Performance Research (Vol. 15 No.3). This issue also includes discussion of Crackers by Stacey Sewell in the article titled “Listening Inside Out: Notes on an embodied analysis.”

Presenter in the workshop “Dynamic Curating in the Age of Anxiety”, organized by Laura Paolini for the Ontario Association of Art Galleries (O.A.A.G.), November 22, Oakville Galleries, Oakville, Ontario.

Traffic Talks: Conceptualism in French Canada, a conversation between Raymond Gervais, Christof Migone, and Michèle Thériault, presented by the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery, as part of the exhibition Traffic: Conceptual Art in Canada 1965 – 1980, Tuesday November 9.

Disco Sec, solo exhibition at Optica, Montréal. November 6 – December 11.

4 feet and 33 inches, installation as part of Non-cochlear sound (curator Seth Kim-Cohen, at Diapason Gallery, Brooklyn, Saturdays October 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30.

Curator for Nuit Blanche (Zone C), Toronto. October 2, sunset to sunrise. Exhibition title: Should I Stay or Should I Go. Commissions: Kim Adams, Martin Arnold & Micah Lexier, Davide Balula, Annie Onyi Cheung, Michael Fernandes, Zilvinas Kempinas, Julia Loktev, Sandra Rechico, Jocelyn Robert, Max Streicher. Open Calls: Olivia Boudreau, France Dubois, Lili Huston-Herterich & Brad Tinmouth, Chris Shepherd, Aubrey Reeves.

Slow Pan 5pm – 9pm, 2010 billboard commission curated for the Blackwood Gallery. Featuring Karen Henderson. September 11 – May 1.

Fingering, performance at Electric Eclectics 5, August 1.

The Projects: Port Credit, 2nd edition, exhibition curated for the Blackwood Gallery. Featuring Adam Bobbette & Seth Porcello, Peter Flemming, Sarah Febbraro, Claudio Ghirardo, Sonja Hidas, Gwen MacGregor, Fedora Romita, Cheryl Rondeau, Derek Sullivan, and Jessica Vallentin. June 27 – July 25.

Moderator for panel “The Long Division – Discipline, Punishment and the Place in Between” featuring Michelle Jacques, Paulette Philips, and Jocelyn Robert, at the On Fire conference presented by the Indepedent Media Arts Alliance (IMAA), Toronto, June 18.

Screening of Snow Storm for Audiovision program curated by Michelle Jacques, at Jackman Hall, Art Gallery of Ontario, part of the On Fire conference presented by the Indepedent Media Arts Alliance (IMAA) Toronto, June 16.

“Failure in Public, Failure of the Public”, presentation, Performing Studies International conference (PSi16), York University & OCAD, Toronto, June 9 – 13.

Workshop, artist talk, studio visits, Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Touch that Dial: Creating Radio Transcending the Regulatory Body (1990) and Radio Naked, published in book: Islands of Resistance: Pirate Radio in Canada, edited by Andrea Langlois, Ron Sakolsky, & Marian van der Zon, Vancouver: New Star Books, 2010. Reprint of a text written in 1990.

The Queer Voice Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is Is – entry in the compendium included in the catalogue for the Queer Voice exhibition, edited by Ingrid Schaffner, Senior Curator, Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania.

Co-curated (with the Images Festival) the event No Images at the Innis Theater (St. George). Featuring Ryan Driver, Annie MacDonell, Alexis O’Hara & Mary Margaret O’Hara, and Alex Snukal.

Presentation, Sunday Scene for Michael Snow, The Power Plant, Toronto.

Pass, a participatory performance presentation forTwo conversations on the intertwining of love and politics in contemporary art practices. Organized by Christine Shaw and Adrian Blackwell as part of the symposium: Extra-Curricular: Between Art & Pedagogy (curator Maiko Tanaka), presented by theJustina M. Barnicke Gallery, Reading Rom, Hart House, University of Toronto, Toronto, March 18.

Kill Your Timid Notion, Dundee Contemporary Arts, Dundee, Scotland, 21-28 February. Presented a series of workshops (the investigations) and performed: EvasionSnow Storm4 feet and 33 inches, and Hit Parade (Dundee).

Location!Location!Location!, exhibition curated for the Blackwood Gallery. Featuring Christine Swintak and Don Miller.