NEWS (1980-1989)

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Started see///.saw tapes by putting out two cassette compilations with various artists before petering out.


performance with Sue Ann Harkey at SAW Gallery, Ottawa, June 16.

take the i out of this eye, solo performance at Gallery 101, Ottawa, February 14.

23 theories of one second, text published in Subterfuge issue of RAMPIKE, Vol. 6 No. 3.


Moved back to Montréal.

Started volunteering CKUT in Montréal a few months before the station goes on air at 90.3FM.

Started the
danger in paradise program on CKUT on Wednesdays evenings 10pm to midnight, a slot it would keep throughout its approximately 6 year run.

Became part of the paid staff, first as Assistant Music Program Coordinator, then as Music Program Coordinator.


Attended reading by LKJ in NYC.

Dropped out of university and moved to Geneva.

Got involved with Radio Zones.

Regular visits to the Collection de l’art brut in Lausanne.

Performance with Urban Hep, Foufounes Electriques, Montreal, July 5.

Performance with Urban Hep, Gallery 101, Ottawa, February 14.


Solo performance, Rosie Lee’s, Ottawa, December 12.

First solo performances at poetry events, doing graffiti in the streets and on stage, some mail art.

Reading Situationists, Burroughs, Artaud, Kerouac, Bukowski.

Co-host of Tapeworms, a radio show on the cassette underground.

Learned how to splice tape and started to do some audio collages.

Saw the sound poetry of the Four Horsemen, the films of Michael Snow, concerts by The Fall, Gang of Four, MDC, Shockabilly, Philip Glass, Johnny Cash.


First on-air radio shows at CKCU-FM in Ottawa.

Attended the Anarchist New Year Fest in the East Village in NYC.


Start getting involved in radio at CKCU-FM in Ottawa.


Graduated from high school.

Drafted into the Argentinian army at the same time as the Falklands War. I didn’t report for service.

Moved from Montreal to Ottawa to go to Carleton University.