Millefeuille 2


Millefeuille 2 is a pile of one thousand blank pages torn from books. My library has been mutilated, again (the first Millefeuille dates from 2006). Millefeuille in French literally means one thousand sheets, leaves or pages. It is also the name for a type of pastry. Some books have no blank pages, quite a few have one in the front and one in the back, some have several. I rip all of the ones I find. On each page I write the title and author of the book it is torn from, then assemble the layers and serve this pastry to all the bibliophiles.

Scroll down for images of Millefeuille and Millefeuille 2 together.

Towards the bottom of the page are images of the process of assembling the second Millefeuille. Presented here in sets of ten of raw uncropped unprocessed images as posted on Instagram.

Pastry for bibliophiles.