Shopwork (LCC)


A full-day workshop for graduate students in Sound Arts at the London College of Communication (University of the Arts London – UAL). The morning session consisted of an extended artist talk and a trial run of Spooloff. The afternoon was an entangled improvisation, or an improvisation of entanglement.

Participants: Daniel Beck , Giulio Dal Lago , Luke Faulkner, Simon Goodwin, Claire Kearns, Fu Kwan Leung, Stefano Luongo, Margarita Novikova, Timothy Smith, Liya Su, Jinjing Tan, Jamie Turner, Zhaoyi Wang, Teeranont Wiwatjesadawut.

Preparatory Instructions:

Bring something to hit
Bring something to hit with

Bring a philia
Bring a phobia

Bring numerous things that fit in your pocket
Bring numerous questions that fit on one side of a piece of paper

Bring a mix
Bring a mixer

Bring a recording that can be played with something else
Bring a recording that you don’t know what to do with

Bring a tongue
Bring a taste

Bring something unrelated
Bring nothing in particular

Bring aloud
Bring aquiet

Bring silencers
Bring silences

Bring an age
Bring an account

Bring a nail
Bring it

Bring this one or that one
Bring what you can