With: Alexandre St-Onge’s Cosmo Touch


Essay for the Semblances monograph on Alexandre St-Onge published by Avatar. The publication also features Nicole Gingras and Brandon LaBelle. Translation by Daniel Canty. Editing by Caroline Gagné. Hardcover, 80 pages.

The entire publication including is available as a free and searchable pdf here. The eponymous new sound work by Alexandre is downloadable from the same page.

Migone_With--Alexandre-St-Onge-Cosmo-Touch_1 Migone_With--Alexandre-St-Onge-Cosmo-Touch_2 Migone_With--Alexandre-St-Onge-Cosmo-Touch_5 Migone_With--Alexandre-St-Onge-Cosmo-Touch_6 Migone_With--Alexandre-St-Onge-Cosmo-Touch_4 Migone_With--Alexandre-St-Onge-Cosmo-Touch_3