Squint Sonic


Squint Sonic, event at La Sotterenea, June 11, part of Suoni per il Popolo festival in Montréal.

Featuring London, Ontario-based Ellen Moffat & Eeva Siivonen, Marla Hlady from Toronto, former Montreals: Christof Migone & Alexandre St-Onge, and local legend Anne-F Jacques.

The first set began with the screening of an excerpt from Ellen Moffat & Eeva Siivonen’s “a rested development” video (last image here), followed by a mini-duo between Marla Hlady & Christof Migone (second to last image) featuring sounds from their “Swan Song”, and then a duo with Ellen Moffat & Marla Hlady.

Anne-F Jacques kicked off the second set with a sprawling and electric sound & light floor piece.

The evening concluded with Christof Migone & Alexandre St-Onge’s recreation of “l’étranglement” accompanied by video documentation of the original performance of the piece they had done twenty-three years earlier across the street (at the Casa del Popolo).

The evening featured delectable visuals of matter, both organic and abstract, questionable performative gestures that instill and unsettle, and inventive kinetic sound devices that energize and mesmerize. Arranged in solo and duo configurations combining live and recorded material, the event ebbed and flowed between organized and improvised.

Celebrating the concurrent exhibition of Swan Song by Marla Hlady and Christof Migone at Produit Rien (June 3-17) and the launch of a slew of publications: Swan Song (Crónica ), undoundone by Alexandre St-Onge & Christof Migone (Ambiances Magnétiques), Seti Sati (Ma mère, musicienne, est morte) by Christof Migone (Merles), a rested development by Ellen Moffat & Eeva Siivonen (Squint Press), and My Body Doing Its Best Without Me, And Then You See The Mouth Open As If It Wanted To Say Something by Alexandre St-Onge & Christof Migone (Squint Press).

Documentation by Marla Hlady, Masha Kouznetsova, Paul Litherland, Christof Migone.