The Release Into Motion, or how to leak inarticulacy out of your mouth


A mouth holding a tomato frozen into a block of ice until both melt and fall off.

Presentation History

– 2023 Brussels (publication, Wet Water, Futura Resistenza)

– 2006 Montréal (exhibition, video projection, Trou, Galerie de l’UQAM)

– 2003 Montréal (performance, Lake of Coherence, Mutek)

– 2002 Québec City (publication, video stills, in Cahier Folie/Culture No. 8)

– 2002 Los Angeles (performance, line space line/Salvation Theater)

– 2001 Barcelona (publication, audio, “Heaturn.Wet.Needle.Stare”, nonplace souvenirs CD, ooze.bâp records)

– 2001 Vienna (web project, hold, still, Kunst Radio)

– 2000 Montréal (performance, digit (glitch), Blizzarts)