Writing Aloud: The Sonics of Language


Edited by Brandon LaBelle and Christof Migone.

Published by Errant Bodies Press.

PDF available here.

Book features: Vito Acconci, Charles Amirkhanian, Robert Ashley, Vincent Barras, Sean Cubitt, Kim Dawn, David Dunn, Terri Kapsalis, Brandon LaBelle, GX Jupitter-Larsen, Alvin Lucier, Lionel Marchetti, David Merritt, Fred Moten, Norie Neumark, Bart Plantenga, Arthur Petronio, Jocelyn Robert, Elizabeth Slavet, Alexandre St-Onge, Allen S. Weiss, Gregory Whitehead, Achim Wollscheid, Nicholas Zurbrugg.

CD features: Vito Acconci, Marina Abramovic, John Duncan, David Dunn, Michel Chion, Christof Migone, Arthur Petronio, Jocelyn Robert, Alexandre St-Onge, Yasunao Tone, Gregory Whitehead, Achim Wollscheid, Randy H.Y. Yau.

My essay (untitled performance), a lexicon of false starts and failed advances is included. Also, an audio version of Evasion is on the accompanying CD.


writing aloud,
noise on the page,
dictionary disturbances,
permissible incoherence,
deterritorializing text,
subjectile languages,
screamscape studies,
salivaphile societies,
unlearning language,
becoming nobody,
interstitial maneuvers,
solipsistic transmissions,
taut lingual tendons,
varicosed hieroglyphs,
circles and spirals and spins,
definitional hazards,
tenses of anxiety,
the word silence is still a noise,
lettrist translation,
analphabetical censors,
gentlyfrantic pulse,
squid marks,
voiced strategies,
branch breaths,
words that put a stop to language,
stutter poets,
exit on the way in,
dialogues on one foot,
marathon monologues,
writing the loud,
consonant echoes,
aloud allowed.