Survey exhibition curated by Nicole Gingras, at the Galerie de l’UQAM, accompanied by a catalogue with a DVD. 0ctober 20 to November 25, 2006.

Hardcover catalog available through the Galerie de l’UQAM, 120 pages. Designed by Marc-André Roy. ISBN 2-920325-38-8.

PDF (12MB)

Agir 25-250 / 2006
A 25-second segment excerpted from a 25-minute video showing a 25-year old’s face, isolated and stretched so that it is slowed down to 250 seconds. The stretched image is constituted through successive layering. Agir is part of Interval, a project in progress, where one representative from each age year (between 10 and 60) repeats their age for a period in minutes equal to their age (for example, a 50 year old repeats the number 50 for 50 minutes).

Blockers / 2004
His toes in her nostrils. Her toes in his nostrils.

Crackers / 2001 
The sound of joints (fingers, neck, back, knees, elbows, ankles, hips, jaws, toes, etc.) cracking. Crackers. Crackers began in 1997 as residency project for Gallery 101 in Ottawa. Participants were solicited through the radio, classified ads in the weekly paper, and via the Gallery’s membership. The recording sessions consisted of an interview succeeded by a cracking session. Participants: Justine Akman, Tony Daye, Marguerite Dehler, Sarah Dobbin, Vera Greenwood, Germaine Koh, Louise Levergneux and Michael Sutton.

Cris-cris : zone Artaud / 1998
A portrait of Antonin Artaud in collaboration with sound artist Gregory Whitehead. First released on the vex CD (Quebec City: OHM éditions, 1998).

Evasion or how to perform a tongue escape in public / 2000
Holding out your tongue as far as you can for as long as you can.

Hole in the Head / 1996
Of the 61 pieces on the CD Hole in the Head, five were selected which highlight voice, text and noise.

<< I >> / 2003
Audio piece composed entirely of sounds produced by the eyes of Aleksandr P. Thibaudeau as manipulated by himself. The sounds from this recording session were then manipulated by Christof Migone. First released on the compilation CD noli me legere… to Maurice Blanchot CD (Lisbon: sirr-ecords, 2004).

In Sink (for Justin Timberlake) / 2003
Empty CD jewel cases left in bathroom and kitchen sinks for variable durations (10, 20, 30 days). Part of the ||coverwithoutarecord|| series for squint fucker press.

je me te parle / 1995
A voice speaks through someone else’s voice, of nothing in particular. There is no script. The voice speaks into the headphones of the other voice. The second voice is instructed to repeat only what the first voice says, but that doesn’t always work, the ventriloquism is not quite perfect. The second voice reacts to what it hears at the same time as it repeats it. Sometimes the voice loses track of the words, sometimes it starts laughing, sometimes it doesn’t understand. Voice: Dorothée Morat. First released on compilation Radio Folie/Culture CD (Québec City: OHM éditions, 1996).

Microfall / 2006
Remnants of a gallery action where the artist drops a microphone from the ceiling. The action is repeated until the microphone breaks into pieces and no longer works.

Microhole / 2006
The artist hits a gallery wall with a microphone until the wall yields under the pressure of this repeated action. The recorded action is played back through the hole in the wall.

Mille-feuilles / 2006
One thousand blank pages torn from books in my personal library. On each page I wrote the title and author of the mutilated book.

P / 2006
I said ‘P’ ito a tape recorder whenever I urinated at home, at friends’ homes or in public places until I had recorded 1,000 Ps. This took 149 days, from January 18 to June 25, 2005. The playback sequence of the Ps is determined by the original date and time of urination.

Poker / 2001
Two hands holding a variety of microphones scrape, scratch, pinch and poke eleven participants poker-faced in front of the camera. Participants: Katie Bethune-Leamen, Crys Cole, Michel F. Côté, Anni Lawrence, Éric Létourneau, Jonathan Parant, Leila Pourtavaf, Sam Shalabi, Marie-Douce St-Jacques, Alexandre St-Onge and Roger Tellier-Craig.

Quieting / 2006
Random playback of a recording of the cannon that is fired every day at noon from the Citadel in Halifax, Nova Scotia. First released on Quieting CD (Montréal: Alien8 Recordings, 2000).

Surround (360 objects) / 2006
Three hundred and sixty revolutions of 360 degrees, each with a different household object.

The Release Into Motion or how to leak inarticulacy out of your mouth / 2000
Mouth holding frozen tomato in block of ice until both melt and fall off.

Snow Storm / 2002
Two cameras, one close-up of hair being vigorously scratched by hands, the other aimed at the crotch and legs on which the dandruff is falling. The whole lower body shakes in unison with the scratching hands. A lapel mic is attached to a hand and feeds the sound to one of the cameras. The mic wire dances in front of the scalp ‘snow’ and the shaking pelvis.

South Winds / 2002
Playback of excerpts from the cd South Winds (Montréal: Oral, 2003). South Winds presents the results of a recording session Christof Migone undertook in 2002 with le Pétomane (Joseph Pujol 1857-1945).

Spit / 1997-2003
I spat and preserved it in a bottle which was corked once it was filled.

The Tenor & the Vehicle / 1994
Closeup of a mouth chewing, sucking and masticating a microphone.

vex / 1995
Elements of a performance based on Vexations, Erik Satie’s 1893 composition. Satie’s instructions for the piece are: “to be repeated 840 times, you must prepare yourself beforehand in the utmost silence, by some serious immobilities.” This version lasted 840 minutes (14 hours) and consisted of splicing 840 times with 840 razor blades the reel to reel tape of a prior recording by Christof Migone done live on radio where he counted to 840 accompanied with the incessant repetition of the last note of Satie’s Vexations from the locked groove of a vinyl record. The playback of the recording: 27 min 4 s.

DVD content:

– Evasion (2001) 8 min 48 s
– Poker (2001) 12 min 7 s
– Surround (2006) 57 s
– Snow Storm (2002) 6 min 6 s
– P (2006) 1 min