Today Calls


Daily feed at the dedicated project site Today Calls.Website. On that site each day another X appears. January 1 has only 1, and December 31 has 365 (366 on leap years).

Related works: Dial 9 (for NSCAD), Dial 40 (for Art Metropole), Publick, SeptSixUn-QuatreHuitQuatreUn, Stéréophonie, Tue, un jeudi téléphonique.

Text by Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer, Christof Migone, and Jordan Scott.

Kathryn and Jordan were invited to pick a historical event for every day of the year (from the events that Wikipedia lists for every day). They wrote a response, and in turn, I wrote a response to theirs (plus took account of the prompts they chose).

Today Calls You. Do you answer the call? If so, how and when? Today.

The installation version with telephones features the voices of Lauren Cullen, Amy Fung, Francisco-Fernando Granados, Marla Hlady, Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer, Christof Migone, and Niloufar Salimi. Voice and text versions also appear on the following Instragram account: todaycalls.

Project made possible thanks to funding provided by the Ontario Arts Council.