The Death of Analogies


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MP3 (320kbps) – Free

Audio work published as a solo CD by ND (now defunct) in Austin, Texas, 1999.

Works for short attention spans that demands a lot of attention.

It is intended to function as a piece that would cause friction with its neighbors on the air.

On the radio, the sections of The Death of Analogies are analogous to those in-betweens, those intersections or incisions between longer pieces (usually music) and the host talking.

Normally, these intrusions consist of ads, station identifications, promotional announcements, and “stingers”; all are instrumental in shaping a radio station’s “sound”.

My vexes are the bursts and blips of an imaginary radio station.

The raw material used dated as far back as 1985 and as recently as the day of assemblage.

The approach stressed fluidity and adopted an ear capable of discerning and aiding interesting sonic collisions and accidents.

None of the sounds from the installation/performance The Death of Analogies appear on the CD, although the photographs on the CD cover are of the installation.

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silence1 (0:15)
       Put the Needle On (0:26)
       Countdown (0:26)
       Knobby Tongues (0:13)
       Mal aux Dents (0:43)
       The Vienna Conversation (0:49)
       Container Crack (0:20)
       Irrigated Youth (0:16)
       Door Does Not (0:22)
       End Groove Dysfunctions (0:50)
       Anticipation (0:20)
       vs. Paradise (0:47)
       Contrapuntal (0:22)
       Rain in Halifax (0:18)
       Abrupt (0:12)
       Je t’aime (0:31)
       Stuck In (0:11)
       Wrapped Up (0:14)
       Lament (0:27)
       Visit to Whistler (0:26)
       K.O. (0:13)
       Eject (0:16)
       Nancy Drew (0:05)
       FM Icon vs. Apocalypse (0:39)
       Recapitulation (0:25)
silence26 (0:10)
       Dental Irrigation (0:17)
       Processing: Round 1 (0:53)
       Off Snooze (0:13)
       Terremoto (0:15)
       S.O.S. Channel (0:12)
       Lists (0:11)
       Rest and Assassinate (0:13)
       Elevator Scapes (1:16)
       Survey of Comfort (0:20)
       Processing: Round 2 (1:04)
       interlude (0:16)
       Invasion (Post-Digital) (1:37)
       Breathing Parasites (0:34)
       Vertiginous (0:51)
       Hints (0:23)
silence42 (0:14)
       Firing Vacuum (0:12)
       Knobby Knees (0:13)
       Inflated Tail (0:09)
       Casual Footwear (0:16)
       Hesitation (0:08)
       Architecture Hum (0:20)
       The Horns of Analogy (0:17)
       Alarm/Cause (0:24)
       Triggering Detroit (0:19)
       Firmly in Cheek (0:10)
       Expulsion (0:14)
       Architecture Hum 2 (0:09)
       Shack (0:09)
       E.T. (0:21)
       Nada, Author (0:11)
       Race To Last (0:14)
       For Those Who Bluff (0:28)
       Methodical (0:38)
       Slap Me (0:28)
       For Infernos Everywhere (0:44)
       Unravel (0:38)
       Voice Grain (0:22)
silence65 (0:17)
       No. 1 (4:38)
       No. 2 (1:48)
       No. 3 (7:31)
       No. 4 (2:19)
silence70 (0:09)
       Resuscitations (0:25)
       Twice As Hard (0:25)
       Quietly (0:23)
       Working On A Lie (0:34)
       Caught (0:23)
       Cross-Lingual (0:26)
       Architecture Hum 3 (0:09)
       Inflation: Argentina (0:08)
       The Plan Thrusts and Meanders (0:31)
       Answer Echo (0:22)
       Accelerations and Doubts (0:20)
       Cellar Melody (0:32)
       Flipper (0:10)
       Nostalgic Alarm (0:24)
       Countup (Arguments) (0:46)
       Outlines (0:23)
       Car Races and Manic Faces (0:36)
       Eating Raw Fingers (0:23)
       89 Lashes (0:39)
       That Moment You Adore (0:27)
       Same Complaint (0:25)
       Door to Rood (0:39)
       Processing: Down On All Counts (0:42)
       Of Gums and Bleeding (0:58)
       The Needle is Worn (0:20)
silence96 (0:30)


The Wire (September 2000, Issue 199), review by Phil England.
On his third solo album The Death Of Analogies, Christof Migone updates the fast edit, low tech musique concrete he developed in his works for campus radio CKUT-FM in Montreal. Migone delights in audio detritus–the kind of details others leave on the cutting room floor In its intimacy, his debut Hole In The Head was reminiscent of Adam Bohman’s home dictaphone recordings in the way it featured his own voice or body sounds, the voices of callers to his radio show, and sounds from domestic life. Death uses much the same sources as Hole but strips them of any character that might identify them, somewhat blunting his idiosyncratic edge and pushing him towards the overpopulated area of electroacoustic music. If he has subjected his latest sonic miniatures to greater computer intervention, they nevertheless retain the dirty, visceral quality of his earlier album: glitch done ugly. The slightly longer explorations of a new suite called “Post Mortems” nudge his work closer towards musical forms, despite its patina of vinyl surface noise. Less engaging is Undo, Christof’s duo with Alexandre St Onge. Like St-Onge’s last solo record, un sperme features recordings made entirely from inside the mouth. Though this information is not given on the sleeve, it is crucial in understanding these highly minimal explorations. The duo’s variations on the ‘microphone in the mouth’ theme (tape hiss on max, mumbled voices, sub vocal sounds, etc) are like so many shades of grey. Appropriately enough, the track titles are taken from Samuel Beckett’s The Unnameable. And the grey cover is something Beckett himself might have warmed to.