Sous Vide


squintfuckerpress presents Simon Brown, Cal Crawford, Christof Migone, Jonathan Parant, and Alexandre St-Onge in one night of nothing.

Starting at 6pm we will remove all furniture, all art on the walls, all information on the blackboard, turn off all pre-recorded music, turn off all lights. All movable objects will be piled up on stage. Once this is done, surrounded by the emptiness of an emptied Casa, we will simply be there, come join us in doing nothing (perhaps with a bit of chat, eat, drink). By midnight or so we will bring everything back to normal (or we will put things back, but in the wrong place: plants on the bar, couches where the bar stools would be, etc.)

Turning the Casa off. Turning you on. Nothing to do except. Possibly something a thing whatever. My nails hurt. Some characters were destroyed in a direction which was not the one at their departure. I want to tell you that I am happy, if we can say it like this.

Le vide plein. Le plein vide. Rien à faire sauf. Possiblement quelque chose, une chose quelquonque. Mes ongles me font mal. Des personnages ont été détruits dans une direction qui n’était celle de leur départ. Je veux vous dire que je suis heureux, si on peut le dire ainsi.

Presented at the Casa del Popolo in Montreal as part of the Suoni per il Popolo on June 24, 6pm-midnight.