Sniff takes the audience on a leash, exploring at dog ears level a building. 4001 Berri St. (the home of Oboro, etc., and, at the time, of Espace ACREQ and the CEC) is miked and the dog with a performer on leash explore its scented and creaky corners. The live sniffing is then mixed with material on tape which combines narrative and sound of the present, past and future stories of the building. In this performance the physicality of the building is rendered/reconstructed in sound as the dog sniffs his way through the building. The audience is both live on the radio and live in one of the spaces of the building, the photograph shows the end of the performance after the dog has finished his sniff tour of the building and enters the space where the audience is seated.

Presented during Journées ELECTRO-RADIO Days organized by the CEC, and aired live on Radio Canada.

Live mix: Gerard Leckey
Voice: Jeff Yagod
Sniffs and barks: Fug