With Marla Hlady

Part of the works produced during the Glenfiddich Residency.

Works from the residencey include: Sampler, Spirit Shift, Swan Song, and You And I Are Water Earth Fire Air Of Life And Death.

First presentation at Christie Contemporary, Toronto, March 20 – April 18 (run extended to July 11). Hours are 12-4pm Wed-Sat, or by appointment. The series is presented alsongside Swan Song.

A series of objects and materials that relate to our time at the distillery, all with a playful touch and some, with an aural bent. Sample bottles, flask, copper, anthracite, earplugs, and more, all behaving oddly. They are assembled in ways that bend their usual role. Some are solo, others are paired. Most are inert, one spins, another sounds. They are absurdist tests. They cannot be proven or disproven. They teeter, they puzzle, they unfold.

Sampler (Single Blend)
Sampler (Ear Pressure)
Sampler (Tilt Level)
Sampler (Spring River)
Sampler (Pulse Coal)
Sampler (Up Down)
Sampler (Circle Cut)
Sampler (Hole Speaker)
Sampler (Double Plug)
Sampler (Ask Flask)


Sampler (Single Blend): A single malt from the Highlands and one from the Lowlands slowly blending into each other.

Sampler (Ear Pressure): Pressed earplugs controlled by a volume dial.

Sampler (Tilt Level): Two sample bottles joined, each contain water from a different (but connected) Loch.

Sampler (Spring River): One bottle with water from Robbie Dhu Spring, the other from the River Fiddich, joined by a 1/4” audio cable.

Sampler (Pulse Coal): One single piece of anthracite with a pulsating LED inserted into it.

Sampler (Up Down): A bottle filled with anthracite on top, underneath, an empty upside down bottle, the bottom one slowly rotates and rubs against the top one.

Sampler (Circle Cut): A 12-inch copper circle interrupted by a shelf.

Sampler (Hole Speaker): Two speakers face each other and speak through the holes at their centre.

Sampler (Double Plug): A length of copper bookended by earplugs.

Sampler (Ask Flask): A flask with a speaker that asks questions.