S.U.M. (Standing Under Mis)


A collaboration between Marla Hlady & Christof Migone, Chloë Lum & Yannick Desranleau, and their things.

S.U.M. is a two-ring circus where performances are staged and documented, installations are arranged and rearranged, and documentation lags and layers; for us and for you in a space, from now, until sometime later. Objects and ourselves, both present, in and out of place, action-ready. Hoisted up, spun, wrung-out, rung, shed of their carapace. Some things fall, others drag, some rotate, others drape. All captured in some way or another, sometimes partially, often provisionally. There are lags and layers. Four people placing, pacing here and there in time. Each element is at once prop, sound source, architectural element and item to be destroyed. Authorship is blurred and actions are fodder for further capture and remix, revisit, reverse. There are lags and layers.

Exhibition at Katzman Contemporary (now defunct), Toronto, September 6 – October 28, 2017. Opening September 6 at 6pm.

List of Works


Build (Standing Under Mis)


Remove (Standing Under Mis)

Place (Standing Under Mis)

List of Works

Clocker Thump (2017)
Motorized rotating floor, pvc tarp, polyethylene rope, screenprinted paper, net, wood, hinges, springs, hooks, pulleys, amplified sound, paint.

Clunk Tumbler (2017)
Motorized rotating floor, pvc tarp, vulcanized rubber feet, fabric, urethane rubber, screenprinted paper, half ton trolley, sand bags, amplified sound, paint.

Beam Bang (2017)
Surface resonating speakers, steel beam, amplifiers, mixer, audio player, sound recording 26:03 min.

Out Of Those Moments (Wall Mound) (2017)
Urethane rubber, urethane foam, fabric, powder coated steel, paint, polyethylene rope, inkjet on banner vinyl, vulcanized rubber, screenprinted tyvek, bungee cords, paper mâché, aqua-resin, polyethylene, chalk, pigment, nylon thread spools, rubber dip, slip rings, dingy, worksite mesh, grommets.

Matching Poses, 1 (Standing Under Mis) (2017)
HD video, 2:08 min.

Matching Poses, 2 (Standing Under Mis) (2017)
HD video, 1:54 min.

Matching Poses, 3 (Standing Under Mis) (2017)
HD video, 2:16 min.

Matching Poses, 4 (Standing Under Mis) (2017)
HD video, 5:46 min.

Table Of Elements (2017)
Inkjet on PVC backlit film, light boxes, vinyl pellets, record rim, cymbal, table.

Flop I (Pulled Standing Under Mis) (2017)
Inkjet on banner vinyl, grommets, vulcanized rubber, screenprinted tyvek, steel.

Flop II (Over Standing Under Mis) (2017)
Inkjet on banner vinyl, grommets, steel.

Flop III (Under Standing Under Mis) (2017)
Inkjet on banner vinyl, grommets, steel.

Flop IV (Lop Standing Under Mis) (2017)
Inkjet on banner vinyl, grommets, steel.

Knocker (2017)
Microphone machine with controller, modified door, amplification.

Build Till High (2017)
HD video, sound, 2:52 min.

Tongue (Standing Under Mis)