Record Release (7-inch) Sweet Gongs Vibrating


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Harbourfront, Imprévu, Oaxaca, Seoul, Tokyo, USA. AUDIO PUBLICATIONS: Avatar, Fin, Huronia, Kunstradio, Power Plant, Scratch, Silo City. OTHER: Sillons, Sweet Gongs Vibrating.

Presented as an installation / performance as part of the group exhibition Sweet Gongs Vibrating, curated by Amanda Cachia for the San Diego Art Institute, San Diego, March 26 – May 28. Performance and participation in a round table discussion with Steve Roden, Aren Skalman, and Margaret Noble as part of the closing event for the exhibition, May 28.

Seventy-seven 7-inches were installed on a large low platform (94 x 94″). The public was invited to scratch the discs with the following prompt: “You are encouraged to inscribe freehand grooves on these groove-less records. Feel free to scratch the records as you like, with some coins or your keys or any sharp edge.”

The performance consisted in playing the scratched records with a typical DJ setup.

Photos: Marla Hlady.

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