Record Release (7-inch) Power Plant


VINYL + AIFF + MP3 – Cdn$ 17

AIFF + MP3 – free

Publication (vinyl object and digital) contains 4 tracks, total running time 31:54.

Vol. 6 (out of a series of 7)

       Harbourfront (5:33)
       Plant (8:42)
       Harbourback (7:18)
       Power (10:19)

Home page for the project here.

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Harbourfront, Imprévu, Oaxaca, Seoul, Tokyo, USA. AUDIO PUBLICATIONS: Avatar, Fin, Huronia, Kunstradio, Scratch, Silo City. OTHER: Sillons, Sweet Gongs Vibrating.

Recorded August 2015, September 2016, January 2017.

Mixed and edited fall 2018.

Audio mastering by Harris Newman/Grey Market Mastering.

Commissioned by The Power Plant.

Thanks to Renée Lear, Patrick Macaulay, Gaëtane Verna, and Paul Zingrone.

Design concept: Jennifer Martin and Christof Migone. Layout: Jennifer Martin.