(1994 – 1996)

Curatorial project for Avatar, Québec. It began as an exhibition on an answering machine and a radio program on Radio Canada in 1994. It was released on CD by Ohm éditions/Avatar in 1996.

Related project:

An event connecting artists creating for the telephone space.

Compressed telephonics, the Bell noise gating of distance, anonymity as safe intimacy, chats & gossip, calling card frauds, forgotten messages, answering machines with only questions.

Rappel, little known branch of Bell, concerns itself with the compressed sound of telephony, the static of far away discourse, the telephone breaths of a familiar overseas, of anonymity as tactic towards intimacy, of gossip nets, of phone cards without phones, of messages without messengers. Rappel supports all numbers with no address, all addresses with no numbers, persisent eavesdroppers, answering machines who can think up lies. Rappel has offices almost everywhere, just call the wrong number, or place a quarter in the ear of a stranger. All our agents will be glad to help you hang up.

Participating artists: Daniel Leduc, Pierre-André Arcand, Algojo) (Algojo, Sylvia Wang, Doyon/Demers, Jean Routhier, Christof Migone, Chantal Dumas, Kathy Kennedy, Gregory Whitehead.