The Projects: Port Credit 1


Curated by Christof Migone

Presented by the Blackwood Gallery

July 5 – 30, 2009

Off-site location: 55 Port Street East (at Lakeshore Rd. E and Hurontario St.), Port Credit, Mississauga, Ontario.

Featuring: Kim Adams, Diane Borsato, Shane Krepakevich, Gareth Lichty, Lauren Nurse, Sandra Rechico, Kerri Reid, Jon Sasaki.

Link to the second edition of The Projects: Port Credit in 2010 here.

An exhibition which accents the proposal or propositional stage of an artwork (what might or could happen). A proposal introduces, triggers, enables. It functions as a meeting point in a predictive discussion of the future of a place.

While the standard characteristics of a proposal are to highlight feasibility, possibility and potentiality, the proposals featured in The Projects also dialogue with the absurd and flirt with the impossible and the utopic.

The eight invited artists provide a perspective on the socio-economic engines of an area undergoing rapid transformations. These perspectives on Port Credit are simultaneously critical and creative, generative and imaginative. They take the form of posters, maquettes, installations and performative interventions.

Some address social and political issues frontally, others obliquely. All are thoughtful and informative while remaining playful and whimsical.

They will be scattered throughout the former offices of an architectural firm, amidst the cubicles and desks, resembling the concoctions of architects gone awry.

The Projects: Port Credit, is a pilot initiative of the Blackwood Gallery in partnership with the Port Credit Village Project, a local community group.

Based at the University of Toronto Mississauga, this is the Blackwood Gallery’s first offsite exhibition.