The Prestidigitator: A Manual (live)


A participatory performance presentation. This version presented as part of the FEEL – Tactile Media exhibition (curated by Pieter van Bogaert), Art Center Z33, Hasselt, Belgium, June 5, 2004.

This version contained elements of the essay by the same name The Prestidigitator: A Manual (text) and also featured documentation of work by other artists as well my own work. Other artists work included Ben Patterson’s Paper Piece, Vito Acconci’s Rubbing Piece, Lygia Clark’s Dialogue of Hands, Yoko Ono’sSky Piece for Jesus Christ. Of my own work documentation was presented of PokerSnow StormCrackers« I », and disclosure.

Other versions: Pass (Toronto)Pass (Dundee),Pass (Halifax)Pass (Kingston)Pass (Reykjavik),The Prestidigitator, and xPLURAL.

Pass basics here.