Present (TOR-ROT)


Other versions: Present (je me te parle)Present (MTL-HFX), Present (OTT).

Contribution to the symposium titled Doing Sounding Exchaning Thinking: The Auditory Experience of the social at Foundation B.a.d in Rotterdam, Holland.

Curated by thickear.

October 31, 11h00-17h00, free.

A study in long distance ventriloquism. Teleloquism, speaking here and there. Having your voice voiced by another, not hearing your voice in the room where your words are being spoken, not being in the same room as your voice. What happens when my voice splits into me and you? Detached feedback. Speaking but not hearing yourself back, truncated listening. What happens when your listening is divided by what you hear and the silent gaps that shape what you hear? Conversing with the thin air. A monologue duet, a pas de deux sans two. Words of one, voice of another, one hole. Attached aliens. Remote control, who takes charge of the conversation? Who is responsible? How will intonation, hesitation, and accent translate? Remotely in control, barely holding on to the tenets of discourse. The voice you hear speaks words without thought. The thoughts come from outside and from elsewhere. Here and there, but also now. Live deferral. Postponed presence, I am there while here. It is later there than here. We are accustomed to that, the present is a plural that moves.