Pass (Kingston)


A participatory performance presentation.

This version presented as part of Tone Deaf (curated by Matt Rogalsky), Kingston, Ontario.

Other versions: Pass (Toronto)Pass (Dundee), Pass (Halifax)Pass (Reykjavik)Pass (Rotterdam), The Prestidigitator, and xPLURAL.

Home page for project here.


Paper chase fun… How do decide what to write and why? A houka smoking caterpillar Peanut, yellow, green Noise Ha! eek cogito ergo sum Bzzzzz I like Sister Act. So do I, Tallie you’re cool! too much at once IDIS 211 is cool yes it is Yo, shut yo trap. Whatever Happy day! Yeah! Fear of the dark has been conquered And we are in the forest! And the beat goes on absorbant and yellow + porous is he. Ok Bring back my bonnie to me. And follow the yellow brick road. Que dice and I will follow you ain’t no mountain high enough Take it. Enjoy it. It’s yours. Not at all All mine? You shouldn’t have…. No.. it’s mine We can all share! Gimme Gimme Never Gets You can bank on it CHEW, CHEW, CHEW SNIFF, SNIFF gaufaw Shut up Go crazy Gorgonzola the fight Crach Bang Wallop gonk Red paper No. Ruido Life is a long stream Siempre cabe esa posibilidad Otime! life is long take your time 4:15pm Mountain Standard Time there was a summer of love And On smells like fudge life is wistle [whistle while you work Hitler was a jerk Mussolini bit his peenee And Now it does not work] an extreme collective slip but no fall hello! MY NAME IS _____ … Seymour — O Reily Qué pido? Beth Giles Jennifer? I forgot V Miranda Gertrude january antoine Gary Diane Laurie Richard Elibelli BIRDIE Lisette Che Sponge Bob S.P. Fidel Castro this is going to take a while What do you want? To sleep Me neither Confusion a while is good. to eat chocolate white and nutty you mean marizan? this essay could use more structure this is traffic jam — circles REALLY? end of fantasy? maybe no fantasy to dull ? lovely 70’ group dynamics keep on wanting to move forward, but slower than you ought to __ never last encore + continuing story THE END! Really? never give up omm___ encore! empty thirsty ON & ON & ON & ON Cream puff Casper Milquetoast balderdash & waiting Mañana ain’t no valley low enough Pants dance fire-lance Mmmmm…. cream puffs…. What the hell? THE END. ? message in a bottle want to go back to the woods COURTSEY ney-isy! bittles! Now we’re entangled why are u ok It takes a very rainy day to drown a duck! Fo’ sure! Matt R. take some photos! Smile What for? It takes less energy than frowning! And it increases your face value 4D why And on and on and on … The piano has been drinking, the piano has been drinking these is my first performance