Pass (Halifax)


A participatory performance presentation.

This version presented as part of The Idea of North (curated by Rhonda Corvese), at the Anna Leonowens Gallery of the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

This version included some ‘plants’ amongst the participipants: one seated in the circle who turned his chair around, a security guard who momentarily turned off the lights, and a musician (Lukas Pearse) who started playing his bass towards the end of the piece.

Other versions: Pass (Toronto), Pass (Dundee), Pass (Rotterdam), Pass (Kingston), Pass (Reykjavik), The Prestidigitator, and xPLURAL.

Home page for project here.

PASS.halifax19 PASS.halifax31  PASS.halifax13 PASS.halifax14

Don’t Leave Yet OK DOKY stop making me laugh send your phone number This is Fun. ceci n’est pas une pipe no soy de aqui no de allá pero siento como…….. Are you sure you’re reading this? I’m not. It’s a nice silent sound and then? etc, etc etc There’s a wonderful hush in this room There’s a wonderful room in this hush A R P My name is set me free yeah! yeah! My house North CALL ME PASS OVER! What? I’m Rebelling by not Speaking… passé composé KISSES I hears cool noises echoing! YES why do you have me sitting this way? you evil man why yes it after which way is vertical? SSAP Hi Robin PASTE your lovely openings there’s a wonderful hush in this room more pages please! pass vertical next time Been there Past is Present PASS TENSE pass saps apss asap Surprizing game. help! where is that going? nowhere. where is nowhere? blink + pass — no time to read. stop too much too soon OH NOO! yum, yum argh! 6/10 pass there’s a wonderful hush in this room I just bit off my thumbnail I read something then pass it, then read, then forget it.. + on + on + on walking & walking I love paper why is he sitting with his back against us? perhaps he was told to Hello Goodbye… dogs bark at strangers You weren’t there. You couldn’t Pass the grade. In the corner. ? ? SPØRSMÅLSTEGN ! I WILL SURVIVE! survive what? forget me not — please and now you’re back from outer space Qué? que espació I should have changed that stupid lock with a book, he did it with a book – lost dignity at last, this paper returns to me To me too UNENDANGERED X 7.5/10 short cut MITT PÅ Passing me around Sing Oo 9.5/10 RED Green THE NARROWS Rhonda REVELATIONS PASS COMPOSE Pass est composé move it. there is never enough time except right nnow. The soft soud of rustling paper is very soothing bark bark slow DOWN confusion this noise, this racket is disturbing my job, pass, pass pass what! outside the circle is like being dead. why an audience? (soon) (later) bark bark 9/10 i thought so no way Rebel, Rebel Do not comply. Last time you saw me you did’t even recognise me or even notice it was you and me because everyone else was there!