i____________, a performance with Marla Hlady at Ftarri, December 17, Tokyo, Japan.

Strike, installation in collaboration with Marla Hlady, for the group exhibition “Revolution Will Not Be Televised” which is part of the festival Sound Effects Seoul 2017, curated by Baruch Gottlieb and Ji Yoon Yang, December 8, 2017 – January 28, 2018, ArKO Museum, Seoul, South Korea.

Hit Parade, 10 years after the first performance of Hit Parade in Seoul, after which presentations followed in Montreal, Québec City, Cagliari, Zagreb, New York, Lausanne, Kitchener, Winnipeg, Melbourne, Dundee, Milan, Rotterdam, Porto, Toronto, the 16th edition of this piece returns to its starting city in the context of the group exhibition “Revolution Will Not Be Televised” which is part of the festival Sound Effects Seoul 2017, curated by Baruch Gottlieb and Ji Yoon Yang, December 8, ArKO Museum, Seoul, South Korea.

Questionable – Questioned – Questionnaire, a text commissioned by the Independent Media Arts Alliance (IMAA) for their Perspectives series in response to the Sound Art Gathering they organized in November 2016 in Toronto.

4 feet and 33 inches (ellipse) (ellipsis), two neon installations based on John Cage’s 4’33”, presented as part of the four-person exhibition “Silence, Pressure, Noise” (alongside Christine Sun Kim, Darrin Martin, Rehab Nazzal), curated by Vicky Moufawad-Paul. November 10, 2017 – January 13, 2018. Opening Reception: Friday November 10, 7-9 pm, at the McIntosh Gallery), London, Ontario, Canada.

Hit Parade, group performance, plus Fingering, solo performance, plus Open Mic workshop, at the Casino de Montbenon, part of the Lausanne Underground Film Festival (LUFF 2017), October 18-22, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Record Release 12-inch, installation version, part of group exhibition FEEDBACK #1 MARSHALL MCLUHAN AND THE ARTS. Featuring Marshall McLuhan (CA), Peter Blegvad (UK), Disnovation (SW/DE), Harun Farocki (DE), Darsha Hewitt (CA), Mogens Jacobsen (DK), Willy Lemaitre (CA), !mediengruppe Bitnik (DE), MRZB (IT), Christof Migone (CA), Reynold Reynolds (US), Thomas Bégin (CA), Wolfgang Spahn (DE), Hito Steyerl (DE), Stephanie Syjuco (PH) & Angela Washko (US). Curated by Baruch Gottlieb & Marie-José Sondeijker. Presented by West Den Haag, The Hague, Netherlands, September 22 — November 19.

Shut Up (Preambles and Postfaces), presentation at the Never the Same: what (else) can art writing do? forum, September 15 – 17. Part of the Performing and Materialising Art Writing panel with Lisa Robertson, Mark Clintberg, and Amy Fung. Other forum participants include Chris Kraus, Joan Borsa, David Garneau, Maria Fusco, Jeanne Randolph, Helena Reckitt. Presented by Contemporary Calgary, Calgary, Alberta.

S.U.M. (Standing Under Mis), a collaboration between Marla Hlady, Christof Migone, Chloë Lum, Yannick Desranleau. Exhibition at Katzman Contemporary, Toronto, September 6 – October 28. Opening September 6 at 6pm.

Millefeuille 2, part of group exhibition extratextual. Curated by Lisa Baldissera and Joanne Bristol. Presented by Contemporary Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, September 1, 2017 — January 21, 2018.

Stéréophonie, text installation written in collaboration with Simon Brown and Julie Doucet. Commission by DAIMON. Part of the Interstices event (in English here), July 12 – August 30. Launch July 12, 7pm at La Filature.

Testing, Testing (London), performed by cm and Megan Arnold, at Museum London, London, Ontario, Canada, June 4 (1 – 2pm).

Micro, a selection of images from this photo series, and an installation version of Testing, Testing (London) are included in the group exhibition Sounds Assembling , at Museum London, London, Ontario, Canada, May 13 to September 24.

Door to Door to Door, my essay on the Door to Door series I curated for the Blackwood Gallery between 2011-2013 is included in the brand new publication: Urban Encounters: Art and the Public, edited by Martha Radice and Alexandrine Bourdreault-Fournier, in the Culture of Cities series edited by Will Straw and Kieran Bonner. Artists featured in the series and discussed in the essay: Camilla Singh, Germaine Koh, Gordon Hicks, Micah Lexier, Alexander Irving, Karen Kraven, John Marriott, Gina Badger, Tazeen Qayyum, Adam David Brown, Nancy Nowacek, Sandy Plotnikoff, and Nathalie Quagliotto.

Hit, Hit Maker, Hit Parade, works documented in the form of artist pages in the Performance Art and the Public Sphere anthology, ed. Ana Pais, Orfeu Negro, Lisbon. In Portuguese and English.

Record Release 12-inch, free pdfs of first five sets of 1000 now available (0001-1000, 1001-2000, 2001-3000, 3001-4000, 4001-5000). Design concept: Jennifer Martin and cm. Layout: Jennifer Martin.

Record Release 7-inch, performance for the final day of the Press Play solo exhibition, Zalucky Contemporary, January 14, 2017, Toronto, Ontario.

Art Now! Speakers Series, organized around the topic title: DIY (From Scratch to Share), winter 2017 for the Department of Visual Arts at Western University. Featuring local artist-run center roundtable (Forest City Gallery, Good Sport, LOMAA), Vicky Moufawad-Paul, Shelley Niro, Simone Jones, Peter Flemming, Helen Fielding, and VS VS VS VS.