Mixer (Ottawa)


Other versions: Mixer (Athens), Mixer (Brussels), Mixer (London), Mixer (Melbourne), Mixer (Prague)Mixer (Toronto).

A mix of works presented in simultaneity. The layered performances explore repetitive gestures, glossolalic translations and somatic rhythms. Works performed for this third iteration of Mixer were Evasion, or how to perform a tongue escape in public (2001), The Rise and Fall of the Sounds and Silences from Mars (2011), Interval (2005), Hole in the Head (1996), Spit (1999), Record Release (7-inch) (2014 – ), and Present (OTT) (2015).

Performance presented at the Architecture Building of Carleton University by the Carleton University Art Gallery as part of the National Arts Center’s Ontario Scene series of events. Curated by Michael Davidge. Saturday May 9, 2015.

Dedicated to the memory of Mark Valcour who recently passed away. He taught me how to edit audiotape in the mid-1980s at CKCU-FM in Ottawa.

Performers: Douglas Dumais, Gillian King, Christof Migone, Angela Pelly, Jennifer Stewart, Sioned Watkins, Jordan Zalis.

Photos: J. Wonnacott – K. McGruer