Mixer (Melbourne)


Other versions: Mixer (Athens), Mixer (Brussels), Mixer (London), Mixer (Ottawa), Mixer (Prague)Mixer (Toronto).

A mix of works presented in simultaneity. The layered performances explore repetitive gestures, glossolalic translations and somatic rhythms. Performers are volunteers and rehearsals are minimal. Works performed for this second iteration of Mixer were, The Rise and Fall of the Sounds and Silences from Mars (2011), Interval (2005), Hole in the Head (1996), Spit (1999), and a new piece Mic Rub (2014).

Performance presented at the Meat Market Arts House on Wednesday September 24 in the context of the Liquid Architecture Festival in Melbourne, Australia. Pdf of catalogue here, and insert with artist pages here.

Participants: Lindsay Cox, Stephanie Gilmour, Lloyd Honeybrook, Liam Hyland, Penny Moye, David Mutch.

Photo credits: Christof Migone.