Mixer (Brussels)


Other versions: Mixer (Athens), Mixer (London), Mixer (Melbourne), Mixer (Ottawa), Mixer (Prague)Mixer (Toronto).

A mix of works presented in simultaneity. The layered performances will explore repetitive gestures, glossolalic translations and somatic rhythms. Each work has a station with one or more performer. Basic spot lights, basic microphones and basic amplifiers are used. Performers were volunteers and rehearsals were minimal. Works performed for this first iteration of Mixer were, The Rise and Fall of the Sounds and Silences from Mars (2011), Interval (2005), Hole in the Head (1996), Spit (1999), and a new piece Kneecappers (2013). The 39 minutes video for The Release Into Motion, or how to leak inarticulacy ouf of your mouth (2001) served as timekeeper.

Mixer was followed by a reading based on the mouth section of the Sonic Somatic book. Titled Mouth Pores, the lecture was based on an examination of the mouth as an organ, as a viscous entity, as a somatiser of language. It asked the following questions: How does the mouth work the voice? How are words mouthed by the abject cavity? What happens when it all gets stuck inside? What happens when you stick it all out?

Presented by Sarma as part of the Zilver Flotations events at the Beursschouwburg, Brussels, Belgium, Friday April 12, 6pm, free.

Participants: Adaline Anobile, Pieter van Bogaert, Julien Bruneau, Emilie Gallier, Andrea Hajtajer, Pim Heerkens, Mathieu Hendrickx.

Photo credits: Christof Migone.