(2005 – ongoing)

Representatives of every age between 10 and 60 are asked to repeat their age at the rhythm they choose for the equivalent of their age in minutes (eg. a 38-year old person repeats 38 for 38 minutes).


Participants so far: Emanuel Garon (10), Lucy Dykhuis (13), Ashley Wong (20), Jaime Angelopoulos (23), Clea Haugo (25), Félix Philantrope (27), Erika Keirulf (29), Tetsuomi Anzai (30), Diane Borsato (31), Dominique Fontaine (34), Kenneth Doren (38), Robert Bean (50), Glynis Humphrey (57), James MacSwain (60).

The single-screen version shows each participant in order of increasing age. The image of each participant fades from almost black to almost white. The audio for the video is a variation of the sound used in the audio installation. Duration of single-screen version with 14 ages: 447 minutes. Image stills of the beginning and end points included here. First shown as a solo exhibit at MEDIA+SPACE, Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea, curated by Baruch Gottlieb

For the audio component, each amp plays back one participant, and each repetition has been replaced by complete silence except every nth repetition where n equals the age (eg. for the 10-year old we hear him saying 10 only every 10th time he repeats it). The complete silence alternates with the ambient silence between each repetition making audible the rhythm of each person’s repetitive delivery.

Installation (14 ages) exhibited at the Leonard & Bina Ellen Gallery, Concordia University, Montréal, as part of CUT (with Jocelyn Robert and Raymond Gervais), curated by Michèle Thériault, October 19 – November 25, 2006.

Installation (8 ages) exhibited in the Summer of 2005 at the Anna Leonowens Gallery, NSCADU, Halifax, Nova Scotia, as part of Sound Bytes, curated by Robert Bean and Peter Dykhuis.

In the drawings each pencil stroke represents each repetition. At the bottom of each drawing there is a phrase stating the name, age number of repetition and date of recording. Images here.

Every creature is a specific rhythm.
(St. Augustine)
Interval sounds the space between moments, times, spaces, lives. It poses oddly phrased questions: How many times old are you? How divided is your time? How old is your rhythm? How does your age rhythm space? Interval depicts the space in between us, as a rhythm, as a timeline, a pastime, a divided place. The numbers punctuate the space, they constantly reiterate the person’s presence in the here and now, a sort of counting in place. At a standstill, not 1,2,3, … but x, x, x, …. What interests me here is how each participant, given this mundane task, adopts a unique rhythm —some are constant, others erratic; some have a rapid-fire anxious delivery, others have a slow and relaxed output. Each person’s presence permeates the repetitive act, they temporarily become the number—hence the peculiar phrasing of the epigraph: “Every creature is a specific rhythm”. Augustine viewed the alternation of sound and silence in music as a manifestation of the alternation of nonbeing and coming into being.

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Photo credits:
Installation (14 ages): Richard-Marx Tremblay
Drawings: Paul Litherland
All others photos: cm

Emanuel Garon, 10 years old, repeated 414 times the number 10 for
10 minutes on May 25 2005.

Lucy Dykhuis, 13 years old, repeated 319 times the number 13 for
13 minutes on July 16 2005.

Ashley Wong, 20 years old, repeated 186 times the number 20 for
20 minutes on May 25 2005.

Jaime Angelopoulos, 23 years old, repeated 1123 times the number
23 for 23 minutes on July 13 2005

Clea Haugo, 25 years old, repeated 383 times the number 25 for
25 minutes on June 20 2005.

Félix Philantrope, 27 years old, repeated 1397 times the number 27
for 27 minutes on July 4 2005.

Erika Keirulf, 29 years old, repeated 1488 times the number 29 for
29 minutes on June 23 2005.

Tetsuomi Anzai, 30 years old, repeated 346 times the number 30 for
30 minutes on July 2 2005.

Diane Borsato, 31 years old, repeated 329 times the number 31 for
31 minutes on May 30 2005.

Dominique Fontaine, 34 years old, repeated 783 times the number 34
for 34 minutes on May 27 2005.

Kenneth Doren, 38 years old, repeated 720 times the number 38 for
38 minutes on July 14 2005.

Robert Bean, 50 years old, repeated 889 times the number 50 for
50 minutes on July 14 2005.

Glynis Humphrey, 57 years old, repeated 2663 times the number 57
for 57 minutes on July 15 2005.

James MacSwain, 60 years old, repeated 1302 times the number 60
for 60 minutes on July 16 2005.