An international compilation cassette (C-60) compiled and produced by Christof Migone.

Cassette cover of sandpaper with title stamped on a purposely inconvenient flap.

Identification was at first intended to feature solely IDs from radios real or imaginary. It quickly became less specific.

Published by see///.saw tapes (now defunct).

Other release on this cassette-only label: Foutre en l’air.


1. Sucking Chest Wound        a brief history of SCW (2:45)
by Wayne Morris (Toronto).

2. M.a.t.ú.        on y va (0:14)
Mobile Art Terrorism Unit was an imaginary enterprise managed by Bruce, Alex and Christof (Montreal).

3. Mark Hosler        starting with c (0:14)
by Mark Hosler (Negativland).

4. Jim Andrews        various decisions (0:54)
Excerpt from ?fram?, a programme on CFUV-FM in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

5. Sue Ann Harkey & Sylvain Côté        danger waltz (2:45)
Live on Danger in Paradise, CKUT-FM, Fall of 1989.

6. les Pois z’ont Rouges        l’hippocampe (et explication) (1:29)
Live on Danger in Paradise, CKUT-FM, Fall of 1989 (Montreal).

7. Radio Zones        le western (0:06)
From the archives of Radio Zones (Ferney-Voltaire, France).

8. Pépé        personne téléphone (0:38)
From the archives of Radio Zones (Ferney-Voltaire, France).

9. Breathing Exercises        intransigent (0:22)
From an unmitigated danger zone with Bruce, Christof and a perplexed caller, March 1990.

10. In Solitary Confinement        only the strong survive (2:21)
c/o Freak of Nature, aka Howard Gibbs.

11. Bruce Gottlieb        the unmitigated tetanous hour (0:06)
Live on the unmitigated tetanous hour, CKUT-FM, Montreal.

12. Claude Lamothe        improvisation (2:26)
Live on Danger in Paradise, CKUT-FM, Fall of 1989, Montreal.

13. Bruce Gottlieb        a hamatza song (1:12)
Live on the unmitigated tetanous hour, CKUT-FM, Montreal.

14. Dan Lander        The Problem with Language (0:50)
The problem with language was a program on CKLN-FM in Toronto.

15. Margo        de la soul (2:48)
Margo’s Intense Listening Corner with Margo’s Intense Friends was a weekly segment on CKUT-FM’s New Shit programme.

16. Bruire        stop fighting now (1:30)
Michel F. Côté (percussion acoustique, électronique, ondes courtes) et Martin Tétreault (disques, tables tournantes, télé), socan ©1990.

17. Knut Remond        j’aime les sons sales (6:50)
Live on Danger in Paradise, CKUT-FM, January 1990, Montreal.

18. William S. Burroughs        all games are hostile (0:15)
From a press conference in Montréal, 1989.


19. Myra Sohappy        a legacy of struggle to preserve a way of life mixed with Esruk Last Waltz (part 1)
Myra Sohappy from the archives of Radio Zones (Ferney-Voltaire, France). Last Waltz by Esruk (Ben Wilkin of Dentrite Tapes, Vancouver).

20. Michel Smith        le disque vert et ses clartés (ouverture) –version radiophonique (6:10)

21. PoMoCoMo        Minister of Fiction (1:13)
by Andreas Kitzman & Rafael Lozano-Hemmer (Montreal).

22. Roughage        last paradise (8:24)
Live on Danger in Paradise, CKUT-FM, Fall of 1989 (Montreal). Zev Asher guitars, tapes, effects; Chris Wilson sax; Christof Migone turntables, edits.

23. Swamp Radio Cobweb        station id (3:12)
Live on Danger in Paradise, CKUT-FM, Summer 1989 (Montreal), Xexoxial Endarchy.

24. Radio Free Banff        Who’s in charge here? (0:38)
by Claude Schryer

25. le paradis        art strike? (3:16)
Voices by Nadine, Ian, Allison, Merlanne, Margo, Gyula, Will, Ernle, Isabelle, Martin, Joanne, Jayn.

26. Jack Wright        live at guiseppi’s in santa barbara, september 21 1988 (5:36)


Brian Fulmer, The Single Eye (Montréal)

This compilation includes almost everything that can be done. Live music, listener calls, DJ patter/interviews/explanations, show ID’s and even a small excerpt from a W.S. Burrough’s press conference. This is a very enjoyable tape and the selections are generally short and to the point. Boredom, therefore, is kept to an absolute minimum. Recommended.

Guy Stuckens, MAM (Belgium)

Curieux mélange que celui présenté sous emballage abrasif: sons musique, extraits d’émissions de radio, audio art, tout se bousculant joyeusement, dans un ensemble particulièrement réussis. Encore une production qui enchantera ceux et celles qui sont en overdose d’écoute des émissions standardisées des radios commerciales!