Hit Parade (Zagreb)


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Presented as part of the Expanded Cinema section of the 25fps festival, Zagreb, Croatia, September 27.

Performance for twenty-four participants and a thousand microphone beats. Based on a score written specifically for the French Pavilion, performers lie face down inside and outside the Pavilion where they pound the ground with a microphone. Each performer chooses their own rhythm and intensity. Every performer’s gesture goes to their own amplifier, and in turn each amplifier resonates with the space. Out of the Pavilion emerges the rhythmic mechanics of human motion that crudely produce sonic frames every time there is a hit. The performers are kinetic machines collectively constructing an immersive and filmless echo kino.

Performers: Inesa Antic, Viktoria Babic, Oleg Beric, Daria Blazevic, Sonja Durajlija Zinic, Kaya Erdinç, Sanja Grbin, Ana Horvat, Lana Jastrevski, Viktoria Krcelic, Ejla Kovacevic, Lucija Mandekic, Jesse McLean, Matej Merlic, Mateja Milic, Ilija Milosevic, Layla Munitic, Ivan Renic, Julian Ross, Arron Santry, Tomislav Soban, Tina Tisljar, Iva Tkalec, Ivan Turkalj, Erwin van’t Hart.

Photos: Tjasa Kalkan.