Hit Maker (Sudbury)


Participants are sought throughout the city and are asked to hit a surface with a microphone one hundred times. The sound of each person’s actions is amplified. Each person can choose their own rhythm and intensity. Hit Maker is related to Hit Parade (see links below) but where the latter is a kind of happening or event, the former is more of a surprise, a little moment of noise, a strange little gesture, a sonic capsule of labour, a marker of time at work or out in the city.

The performances took place on May 10-11 and was part of the FAAS 3 (Foire d’art alternatif de Sudbury) organized by the Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario.

Other version: Hit Maker (Porto).

Related project: Hit Parade.

Documentation: Rachel Bergeron (photo), Josh Herd (video).

Buzz, “22” years old, store owner

Terri McTembsey, 12 years old, student

Kayla Côté, 23 years old, hair stylist

Eileen McNeil, 78 years old, retired

Carmen Gigliotti, 64 years old, barber

Joanne Russell, 43 years old, police officer

Diane O’Donnell, 64 years old, store owner

Bob Wygant, “old”, chef

Danika Michasiw, 44 years old, bartender

Surinder Makkar, 54 years old, hotel owner

Diane “Rainbow” Parent, 51 years old, mother

Geneviève Wickenden, 26 years old, intern

Sarah King-Gold, 32 years old, artist

Kristina Robichaud, 20 years old, sales furniture store

Sandra Lautenschlager, 53 years old, candy store manager

Charles Ramcharan, 53 years old, professor

Cara Tierney, 33 years old, artist

Shelby Eyre, 20 years old, jeweller

Kyle Labuckas, 17 years old, student

Tanya Charles, 35 years old, store owner

Vern Borton, 70 years old, miner

Michel Martel, 51 years old, parking lot attendant

Gonzague Lassard, 49 years old, power lineman

Vera Godard, 65 years old, housewife

Tony Anselmo, 59 years old, record store owner