Hit Maker (Porto)


Ten participants are sought throughout the city and are each asked to hit a surface with a microphone one hundred times. One thousand hits around Porto. The sound of each person’s actions is amplified. Each person can choose their own rhythm and intensity. Hit Maker is related to Hit Parade (see links below) but where the latter is a kind of happening or event, the former is more of a surprise, a little moment of noise, a strange little gesture.

The performance took place on October 15 and was part of the Trama Festival, Porto, Portugal.

Other versions: Hit Maker (Sudbury)

Related project: Hit Parade.

Documentation team: Marta Maria Ferreira, Patrícia Nogueira, Fabio Oliveira.

Maria da Graça Teixeira, 52 years old, cashier at Casa Pereira (gun’s store)

José Alves, 50 years old, waiter, at D. João I Square

Gina Ferreirinha, 75 years old, fishmonger at Bolhão (market)

Daniel Ruessler, 21 years old, student, Rua de Santa Catarina

Helena Rosa, 50 years old, baker at Bolhão (market)

Maria da Conceição Rodrigues, 48 years old, secretary, Rua de Santa Catarina

Carolina Silva, 9 years old, student, Rua de Santa Catarina

Daniel Palacios, 32 years old, civil servant, Rua de Santa Catarina

Sravani, 21 years old, student, Rua de Santa Catarina

Bernardino Pereira, 82 years old, retired, Batalha Square (bus stop)