Hit (Sounds Like)


Other version: Hit (Nuit Blanche)

Performance for the Sounds Like festival presented by AKA Gallery and Paved Arts, Saskatoon, Saturday July 27, 6:30-10pm.

Hit (Sounds Like) was a duo version of the piece with two volunteer participants at a time placed on the outdoor metal balcony of the building shared by AKA Gallery and Paved Arts. Each pair of performers played for 59 minutes. In the last minute of the hour the transition to the next pair of performers took place. The performers were asked to hit the various surfaces of the balcony with a microphone in batches of 100. At every hundred they could pause for as long as they wanted, and they could reposition themselves if they so desired. Whereas in Hit Parade performers are asked to count to 1000, in Hit performers are asked to hit for a certain period of time that is determined in relation to the overall event. In the case of Hit (Sounds Like) the piece was planned to bookend the other events during the evening (as well as play continuously throughout).

Performers: Katrina Bray, Tammi Campbell, Egan Davis, Andrew Manera, Laura St. Pierre, Lana Wilson, Patrick Young.

Photo credit: cm.