Foutre en l’air / Perpendicular Types of Motion 


An international compilation cassette (C-60) compiled and produced by Christof Migone.

Cassette cover spray-painted silver and wrapped with wire from the cassette inside to the cover.

Published by see///.saw tapes (now defunct). Other release on this cassette-only label: Identification.

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1. Babouches Folles        lech el khouf  (0:40)
by François Wolf (Montreal).

2. PoMoCoMo        Becoming Nobody (3:20)
by Andreas Kitzman & Rafael Lozano-Hemmer (Montreal).

3. !Bang Elektronika        Stceffetra (1:42)
by Dave Rout (St. Catharines, Ontario).

4. chainsaw        23B Squatt (2:14)
From the archives of Radio Zones (Ferney-Voltaire, France).

5. Nitroglycerine        les circus girls du salem (3:28)
by Nathalie Dion, Patricia Maurice, Lucie Ouimet, Christel Pierra, Magali Babin, and Guy Boulanger (Montreal).

6. chainsaw        Holy Game Show (1:34)
by cm (Montreal).

7. Caboose of Fear        Solar Winds (3:09)
by Oh Smith, Johnny Juan Chaos, Gor-don- ratta, Don Captain Filth Light (Montreal).

8.        subversive ‘bout love (0:52)
by alex, tim s., cm. (Montreal).

9. Black Citron        Je suis descendue de ma planète (2:44)
by Christine Wildboz—bass, Aissa Bousalem—guitar, Jean-Luc Schumacher—percussions, Evelyne Dufour—voice.

10. Oku Onura        Oku Onura (0:05)
On WBAI, New York.

11. Rafa        Rafa (0:50)
On WBAI, New York.

12. Roughage        The Explosive Power (3:42)
by Zev Asher: guitar & tapes (Montreal).

13. Red & Bouddha        Souls are going to Hell (3:44)
by Robert Dumont (Montreal).

14. Crime ‘O’ Nautix        A night on the Beach (1:45)
by Rodolfo Protti, Old Europa Café, (Pordenone, Italy).


15. Bob and the oink        Bob and the oink (1:18)
On WBAI, New York.

16. Flag Air Base        Radio Managua (3:26)
Flag Air Base was a show on CKLN-FM in Toronto produced by Wayne Morris.

17. Sylvain Côté        Et nous passions la balayeuse ensemble (3:37)

18. Hakim Bey        Amour Fou (2:48)
Hakim Bey (New York), reading from Chaos: the broadsheets of ontological anarchy.

19. Idle Reels        Moroccan Reels (4:00)
by Graham, Gary Hanrahan, Kenny (Halifax).

20. Sue Ann Harkey, Andy Stochansky & David Life        Trident of Shiva (6:08)
Duet improv with serongi overdub by David Life (New York/Toronto).

21. Cancerous Growth        May I take your order, Sir? (8:53)
Harsh Reality, Memphis, Tennessee.

22. Jean-François Lyotard        Jean-François Lyotard (0:18)

Daniel Plunkett, ND Magazine (Austin)

An incredible collection of collaged sound works and other experiments. This flows really well, even like a complete work in itself. Great stuff.

Robin James, EAR Magazine (New York)

A total treasure chest of strange sounding collages with lots of political messages and excellent sonic events.

Andy Pierce, Lowlife Magazine (Atlanta)

This compilation by largely French Canadian artists (with contributions from Switzerland, Italy, New York, Tennessee, and elsewhere) is one of the most astounding collections of sound I’ve heard since the Rising From the Red Sand series way back when. A good measure of radio cut-ups, psychomemetic spoken word, and twisted-to-heck-and-back musics to leave your head reeling and your ears ringing. No further need to justify the tape’s worthiness. My favourite stuff on side A: The PoMoCoMo’s “Becoming Nobody”—residents of the Global Village, realizing the Philosopher’s Stone as voices, noise, House loops and whatever was handy, recombine and justify the power of sound collage. Nitroglycerine’s “les circus girls du salem”—some girls who have contemplated carousel music when the brass ring was enuf—a mix of Ringling Bros. and Night Gallery. (Yeah, I can’t follow you either.) Black Citron, “Je suis decendue de ma planête”—spunky folk stylings en français recalling something having to do with hotels and money and telling it like it is. If World of Skin made love to the Jody Grind. Right, don’t make me sick. Roughage’s “The Explosive Power” turns Whitehouse into White Cloud—the most atrocious, unlistenable noiz ever. Side B: spoken word is almost buried by Hakim Bey’s “Armour Fou”: “Words belong to those who use them only (until) someone else steals them back.” Right on, Brother! Deadpan, subtle textual exploration of glut. This is deadly stuff, easily capable of sapping the life force from that useless skeleton W.S. Burroughs. “Moroccan Reels” by Idle Reels is a restrained interpretation of the Joujouka tradition. Amazingly sombre string drones and pained vocals speaking some musical language no person has ever heard. Closing out this side, Postmodern swell head Jean-François Lyotard attacks the resistance, malaise, and affected frivolity so characteristic of our waning century and in no less than sixteen seconds! If you read this mag and pass on this comp, you suck.