Fingering (Live)


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Fingers and Attempts. Movements in Place and Close Distances. Reel to Reels. Gutted Reals. Doublings and Damaged Currents. Noisy Noises and Naive Nothings. Ambidextrous Ambiguities. Monsters and Disasters. Motors and Mechanics. Mistakes and Negations.

I’ve been using contact microphones to manipulate gutted reel-to-reel machines in my live improvisations since about 1998. At first principally in the context of my work with Alexandre St-Onge in the duo undo, but also in all sorts of other configurations, with the groups: Set Fire to Flames, l’oreille à Vincent, Fly Pan Am, Klaxon Gueule, Mecha Fixes Clock; and with individuals: Tim Hecker, Martin Tétreault, Sam Shalabi, Magali Babin, etc.

I usually didn’t title these types of live performances, but in 2004 organizers asked for a title, so Fingering came to mind, and I have been using it ever since.

Des essais. Du touche tout. Du mouvement sur place. Des distances proche. Des bruits bruts. Du noisy noise. Des Doublures. Des doigts. Du Doigter. Des ambidextres ambigus. Des astres. Des monstres. Des moteurs. Du méchanique. Du ratage. Du bruitage. Du tapage. Des fautes. Des nons. Du courant. Du dégâts. Du bête. Du naïf. Du cri. Du plus. Des riens. Derniers. Décomposition. Dommage. De rien.


– 2017 LUFF, Lausanne, Switzerland, October 20.

– 2016 Cave 12, Geneva, Switzerland, May 4. On same bill: Michalis Moschoutis.

– 2012 Oz Studios, 134 Ossington, Toronto, March 24. On same bill: Nick Storring and Arkm Foam/Checkers.

– 2011 Espace [Im]Média at the Centre des arts de la scène Jean Besré, Sherbrooke, September 17. On same bill: Diane Landry.

– 2010 Electric Eclectics, August 1.

– 2008 Zoobizarre in Montreal, organized by Pavilion Projects, February 26. On same bill: Justice Yeldham.

– 2007 Sala Rossa in Montreal, August 9.

– 2004 Sala Rossa, Montréal, October 28, for AlgoRythmes, organized by Perte de Signal.

IMAGE CREDITS. Top images: Fingering for Espace [Im]Média at the Centre des arts de la scène Jean Besré, Sherbrooke, Québec, September 17, 2011.Bottom images: Fingering at the Sala Rossa, Montréal, October 28, 2004 as part of AlgoRythmes. Photos by James Schidlowsky.