Fall Out


In Collaboration with the Blackwood Gallery

September 14 – December 13, 2009

Curated by Christof Migone

Live the lives, live them all,
Keep the dreams separate,
See: I rise, See: I fall
Am an other, am no other.

Paul Celan (1)

Photo credit: Toni Hafkenscheid

An exhibition bound by gravity. An exhibition where to be bound by gravity will be considered, diverted, inverted. Some work will defy gravity (Kempinas), others will simultaneously defy and confirm its inevitable pull (Litherland and his skydiving projects). Yet others will allude to the rise and fall in Celan’s epigraph and feature the ebb and flow of breathing (Keirulf) as well as his notion of the self as ‘other’ (Jones with her implicit reference to The Man Who Fell To Earth). Tactics involving wind and magnetism, amongst others, are recruited to counter the fated force of attraction which ties our feet to the ground and keeps the Earth spinning around the Sun. Orbits are relationships defined by thwarted falls, they dance the push and pull pairing of two bodies. The physiological and psychological impact of gravity will warrant particular attention in this exhibition (with a special nod to Philippe Halsman’s Jumpology project). Fall Out will also be a study of outcomes, epiphanies and consequences (Maly).

It will be an examination of remnants and how they act as triggers in perennial permutation—in other words, Fall Out will dwell on a fall out that never settles.

Fall Out will be followed by Fall In. Artists in the second exhibition will respond to the works in the first exhibition. During Fall In both will coexist in the gallery.

The pairings:

Annie Onyi Cheung will respond to the work of Simone Jones
Sophie Bélair Clément will respond to the work of Tom Sherman
Gillian Collyer will respond to the work of Kristiina Lahde
Zev Farber will respond to the work of Valerian Maly
Alison S.M. Kobayashi will respond to the work of Paul Litherland
Ryan Park will respond to the work of Erika Keirulf
Roula Partheniou will respond to the work of Zilvinas Kempinas
Josh Schwebel will respond to the work of Robyn Cumming
Josh Thorpe will respond to the work of Don Simmons

Fall Out
Fall Out Fall In
Fall Out Fall In Fall Through
Fall Out Fall In Fall Through Fall From
Fall Out Fall In Fall Through Fall From Fall To
Fall Out Fall In Fall Through Fall From Fall To Fall With
Fall Out Fall In Fall Through Fall From Fall To Fall With Fall Under