Empty (Bucket)


I drown myself in a shallow bucket as opposed to an endless ocean. I am inundated by a few drops. Asphyxiated, I learn how not to breathe. Suffocated, I learn to answer my own question: is a wound with no trace really a wound or is it simply thirsty?

Duration: 9:26

Formerly titled: Sometimes (Sometimes Stitches Are Necessary).

Presentation History
– Performed Saturday December 14th, 1996 for Vernissage #55 at Studio 303, Montréal. Still images by Peter Conlin.
– Performed for video during a residency at the Western Front, January 1997.
– Screening, Festival international du cinéma francophone en Acadie, 1997.

Thanks to Bobbi Kozinuk, Eilleen Kage, Shaun Chappelle, Tereszca, Renée.