Performance at Sala Rossa, Montréal, December 12.

Part of the Timelength exhibition, at the Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery, curated by Michèle Thériault.

A reading through Micheal Hardt and Antonio Negri’s Empire while Andy Warhol’s Empire is screened, and while wearing a Warhol wig.

Each of the ten 45 minute reels of the film was accompanied by a different performer or musician.

The event included Mitchell Akiyama, Ester Bourdages, Crackpot, James Schidlowsky, Malcom Goldstein, John Heward, Rainer Wiens amongst others.

I read along with Reel 7.

The reading follows different selection strategies, each word selected is read out loud and then written down, there was no additional sound during the reading.

Photos by James Schidlowsky.

PREFACE [pp. xi-xvii][word on the top left and bottom right of a page]
Empire declined. Throughout of The United States transitory moment along which red thread Empire.

1.1 [pp. 3-21][word on the top left and bottom right of a page]
The particular give and of itself. It the birth power, the relations of which was rebellious. From side through innovations. Just of justice. power, overdetermined of authority to define, law. Perhaps could also the limits because to totality.

1.2 [pp. 22-41][first word and last word of a paragraph]
From it. In networks. Second, itself. These relations. In event. These police. Even motion. From biopower. The corporeal. One society. By event. We language. These power. Our experience. In élite. The world. The Prophets! The relationships. One functioning. At self-validation. One right. This force. The politically. The Sin. It order. Moral mentality. The power. It sovereignty. This Empire. What virtual. One instance. We technologies. If innovation. The coincide.

1.3 [pp. 42-66][first word and last word of a paragraph]
Flirting being. Saying exponentially. Despite liberation. We defeat. We Empire. This multitude. The modernity. We humanity. This power. Our contribution! This. event. There boundaries. Internationalism terrain. Today defeat. The host. It world. These fact. The globalization? We class. The class. We militancy. Consider incommunicable. This level. We community. We incommunicability. We singularities. Recognizing potential. Marx. Empire. From Empire. Those power. The other. The time. The Empire. Just destruction. At living. Once machine. A different. In teleology. Despite being. Is life. How prince? This production Perhaps command. Today teleology.

2.1 [pp. 69- 73][first full word on each line]
novel on this: hand should of between, association, hand on mediated, resurfaces liberation a resides Tracing through should unitary were three articulate first, the of crisis that this inseparable tension it of the emanated part through modern reaction borders. development: It across only something masters inventors hierarchical but of being The science, of as transcendent important, the this as with are the temporaries remedied This The of it, This to of modernity, coherence logical First, from very from does knowing this of manner; is In transcendent of merely art, arts raises the human been through cause secrets more process, knowledge: What that exclusively is reappropriated transcendence centuries of singularities that the power superior standing motion: intellect and the sects By and of new For

[pp. 74-79][words on all four corners] Modernity order with it, was modernity. only but was is began other populations a weapon hostage used from the incommunicable except form They

[pp. 80-89][top line on each page] imprint his laws on the hearts of all his subjects if he had enough of the metaphysical horizon but at the same time control it by ideology of modernity. Hegel revealed what was implicitly from representation in the conclusion of the process. Modernity was originary state of human society, a generalized conflict among indi- in fact its transcendental schema could be applied equally to various been able to survive in modernity, and European modernity would is finally realized, just as in his work there is a perfect realization into the general will. Modern bureaucracy is the essential organ of to make the state always more intimate to social reality, and thus

[pp. 90-92][first word and last word of a paragraph] if produced. Weber’s wane. As super-hero. Michel Man. This l’homme. The world.

2.2 [pp. 93-113] [every second word of first paragraph]
As modernity took of were to to crisis, continually a that resolve at contain crisis. the section traced path one to crisis led the of modern state. second centers the of a that the path builds it construct perfect to order command.

[pp. 94-113][finding the word in the middle with a ruler marking an X across the page] modernity citizens more wants arose toward and nation. sovereignty multitude. transformation, the overpowering multiplicity range the interest being the the

2.3 [pp. 114-116][taking the beginning of last word on the top line and drawing a line down the page from that point]
the of an eas cal the ces mit ries to n- he as ts rk an ty rn an o- is m- ed ch at or e) t, ys se rn al ry e. m n g r- u- er i- Las the ith eir the and her, and ted hat ate on the an- is- ect ity ans lly are nd os- rol are ngs the ws on ot ne, th ed
[at that point Reel 7 of Warhol’s Empire ended]