Different From The One Place Time Mood Mindset You Are In Now


For Alvin Lucier.

Based on the phrase that follows Lucier’s “I am sitting in a room” (Different From The You Are In Now), this series accompanies the 12-year project You And I Are Water Earth Fire Air Of Life And Death as a sort of undertow. It undermines the first series by presenting almost nothings, idle moments, minimal gestures, barely perceptibles.

Each year an hour from the 12-hour event, You And I Are Water Earth Fire Air Of Life And Death, held every December 12 is taken away from the main project, but the first year no hour was taken away so that on the 12th year only 1 hour of programming is left.

For 12 years, 12 interventions by 12 different artists.

1. Different 2020
2. From 2021
3. The 2022
4. One 2023
5. Place 2024
6. Time 2025
7. Mood 2026
8. Mindset 2027
9. You 2028
10. Are 2029
11. In 2030
12. Now 2031

Link to main info page on the 12-year project here.

Link to project website here.

2020 -part 1 – Different:
The first edition of Different Now did not take place, had no time, no mood nor mindset. It did not interrupt in any way the inaugural 12-hour event on December 12, 2020: You-.

2021 – part 2 – From:
The second edition took up an hour in the middle of the 12-hour online event on December 12, 2021: -And-. 12 artists were invited to provide a 12 minute audiovisual recording of an unlit room in their home different from the one they were in then. Unoccupied and obscured. Room tones, thin walls. Faint glimmers, light leaks. Located nothings. The present of non-presence. The presence of the not-present. The recordings were arranged in a grid and the playback sequence was determined by the order in which the recording were received.

1. Mary Walling Blackburn
2. Allison Cameron
3. Barbara Campbell
4. Budhaditya Chattopadhyay
5. Darren Copeland
6. Renato Grieco
7. Michaela Grill
8. Sarah Hennies
9. Marla Hlady
10. Seth Kim-Cohen
11. Francisco Meirino
12. Salomé Voegelin

2022 – part 3 – The:
The third edition will take up the last 10 minutes of every hour of the 12-hour event on December 12, 2022: -I. 12 artists were invited to provide a 12 minute audiovisual recording of their studio space. Room you are not presently in. Room where you make, but that is currently running on idle. Idling in unintentional sounds. Lit but faded in and out after the fact. Camera captures room or detail, only one position throughout. Presence might be felt but is not present. You were there and you will be there again, but you are not there now.

1. Kate Carr
2. Andrea-Jane Cornell
3. Emily DiCarlo
4. Joaquín Gutiérrez Hadid
5. Sebastiane Hegarty
6. Laura Kikauka
7. Annette Krebs
8. Nick Kuepfer
9. Matmos
10. Gordon Monahan
11. Debashis Sinha
12. Maia Urstad

2023 – part 4 – One:
The fourth edition will take up a total of three hours out of the 12-hour event on December 12, 202: Are (Sommes Sonnes). 12 artists are invited to present a 12 minute audiovisual sort-of-self-portrait. The focus is on portraiture that eschews the frontal in favour of the partial—the barely there, the fleeting, the merely-passing-by, the a-bit-askew.

1. Tanya Mars
2. Ronnie Clarke
3. Olga Prokhorova
4. Liina Kuittinen
5. Nadège Grebmeier Forget
6. Adriana Disman
7. Alice De Visscher & Evamaria Schaller
8. Alice De Visscher & Evamaria Schaller
9. Amélie Laurence Fortin
10. Georges Azzaria
11. Jocelyn Robert
12. Caroline Gagné