Cut Cut


The front and back covers as well as the vinyl of two copies of the Slit’s first album ‘Cut’ (1979) are cut according to the circumference of each track on both sides of the album (there are five tracks per side).

Part of the Disco Sec project. Related: Disco Sec (publication).

Presentation History
– 2010 Montréal (installation, Optica)
– 2009 Québec (publication, Ohm éditions)
– 2009 Gatineau (installation, AxeNéo7)
– 2008 Toronto (installation, Mercer Union)


Photo legend: top row: SIDE A (front cover); 2nd row: SIDE A (tracks); 3rd row: SIDE A (back cover); 4th row: SIDE B (front cover); 5th row: SIDE B (tracks); 6th row: SIDE B (back cover)