The Hyphenation of Americans


Related work: Hy-Ph-En

Unfinished bookwork based on the hyphenated words found in Gertrude Stein, The Making of Americans (that is, the words that need to be hyphenated because they do not fit on a line). There are 3107 of them. Sample draft pages from the book included here (design by Jay Wilson).

Front and back covers: All the hyphens found in the book [the vertical lines indicate pages] [not all hyphens are visible in these sample covers]

First section: Harmican (Rehyphe Natedessay) [faux intro essay]

Second section: Lessharm (Left on Left and Right on Right) [main section] [3 sample page spreads included here]

Third section: Ingexist (Halves Inversed) [section in columns] [a faux index]