Sonic Somatic: Performances of the Unsound Body



Published by Errant Bodies Press (Audio Issues Vol. 5), 296 page, black and white images. Design by fliegende Teilchen, Berlin. Index by Juliana Pivato. ISBN: 978-0-9827439-4-2.

This book delineates a territory of investigation for sound art and its various manifestations through historical, theoretical, polemical and critical analyses of artistic, musical and literary works. In doing so, Migone gives radical definition to an auditory study that includes the complexity of silence and mutism, identity and abjecthood, and language and its stutterances. The recurring site of these stagings is the somatic under all its forms: embodied and disembodied, fragmented and amplified, vocal and mute.

Concrete sites that are investigated include: Antonin Artaud’s writings, Alvin Lucier’s recording “I am sitting in a room”, Erik Satie’s composition “Vexations”, Marina Abramovic’s performance “Rhythm 0”, Adrian Piper’s “Untitled Performance for Max’s Kansas City”, Melville’s short story “Bartleby, the Scrivener”, Bob Connolly and Robin Anderson’s documentary film “First Contact”, and John Cage’s “4’33””.

For all those who wish to hear anew, you need consult the microphage, sonobrut, statictician, parasitist, glissomaniac, salivatrope, rhythmologist, anticrooner, petomane, slurpophile, melophobe, stutterist, phonophone, linguadrome aka Christof Migone. Sonic Somatic is not only an extensive historical survey and an intensive theoretical analysis, but also a do-it-yourself guide to disarticulation and dissonance, aphasia and schizophonia, glossolalia and deliria. This book is a must for anybody involved in experimental sound, music, performance.
—Allen S. Weiss

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table of contents

table of contents
list of figures

chapter one / soundmutesilence
1.0 heretofore unheard histories of air disturbances
1.1 sound itself
1.2 unheard of
1.3 breakdown
2.0 taciturntablism
2.1 reductio
2.2 mootmute
3.0 disquietude
3.1 this quiet
3.2 resisting arrest: the speechless body in motion

chapter two / soundmouthbody
1.0 mouthpores
1.1 mouth agape
1.2 frozen speech
2.0 flatus vocis: somatic winds
2.1 south winds
2.2 incontinence
2.3 exit wound
3.0 leaks: stories of the spit self

chapter three / soundtimeslanguage
1.0 utter the stutter
1.1 theperformanceofinarticulationandporosity
1.2 remainder
1.3 arrhythmia and claustrophilia
1.4 scream and run, run, run
2.0 metronomics
2.1 vexations
2.2 furniture audience
2.3 it never ends

chapter four / soundspacebeyond
1.0 volume
1.1 of confinement and infinity
1.2 within
1.3 provisional place and speech
1.4 slippery threads
2.0 depthcharges
2.1 pneumatics
2.2 space is the place is the time is the song
2.3 frictions: sound objects and surfaces
2.4 ricochets
2.5 the announcement which stops the shot
3.0 as it empties out

1.0 statement on the state of sound art