7-inch Record Cover – Cdn$ 45

Series of 45 7-inch covers. Edition of 3 each + 2 AP.

Silk-screen covers. Includes plastic outer sleeves and unrelated vinyl.

Signed, titled, and numbered on the back cover.

The lyrics of 45 songs placed in alphabetical order and each word is allowed only a single appearance.

Part of the Disco Sec project. See also Disco Sec (publication) and related project Doubles.

1 ABC (Jackson 5)
2 Back in Black (AC/DC)
3 Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen)
4 Changes (David Bowie)
5 Crazy In Love (Beyonce)
6 Creep (Radiohead)
7 Damaged Goods (Gang of Four)
8 Fight The Power (Public Enemy)
9 Gloria (Patti Smith)
10 Good Vibrations (Beach Boys)
11 Heart of Glass (Blondie)
12 Holiday in Cambodia (Dead Kennedys)
13 Hound Dog (Elvis Presley)
14 I Wanna Be Sedated (Ramones)
15 I Want You To Want Me (Cheap Trick)
16 I Zimbra (Talking Heads)
17 Louie Louie (The Kingsmen)
18 My Generation (The Who)
19 My Way (Paul Anka)
20 No, No, No (Yoko Ono)
21 Nuclear War (Sun Ra)
22 Orgasm Addict (Buzzcocks)
23 Out of Step (Minor Threat)
24 Persuasion (Throbbing Gristle)
25 Pocket Calculator (Kraftwerk)
26 Rapper’s Delight (Sugarhill Gang)
27 Rebel Girl (Bikini Kill)
28 Rid Of Me (PJ Harvey)
29 Ring Of Fire (Johnny Cash)
30 Sex Machine (James Brown)
31 Shaft (Issac Hayes)
32 Sound of Silence (Simon & Garfunkel)
33 Stairway To Heaven (Led Zeppelin)
34 Tainted Love (Soft Cell)
35 Take A Chance On Me (ABBA)
36 The Joker (Steve Miller Band)
37 The Message (Grandmaster Flash)
38 The Passenger (Iggy Pop)
39 There Is A War (Leonard Cohen)
40 Totally Wired (The Fall)
41 Walk On The Wild Side (Lou Reed)
42 White Christmas (Irving Berlin)
43 What’s Going On (Marvin Gaye)
44 Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd)
45 Work It (Missy Elliott)

Presentation History
– 2018 Toronto (installation, MKG127)
– 2010 Montréal (installation, Optica)
– 2009 Québec (publication, Ohm éditions)
– 2009 Annandale-on-Hudson (installation, Bard College)
– 2009 Gatineau (installation, AxeNéo7)
– 2008 Toronto (installation, Mercer Union)