Two old style phones without dials, installed side by side on a wall, left-right phones, stereophones. They ring intermittently, but the visitor can pick up either phone at any time. On one all you hear is the sound of licking, close and intimate, for salivaphiles. On the other you hear a voice telling you that the sound you hear on the other phone is the sound of the artist thoroughly licking the phone, it is left ambiguous as to which of the two phones has been licked (in fact, both have).

First presented as part of Drift, a group exhibition curated by Micah Donovan at The Robert McLaughlin Gallery in Oshawa, Ontario. 16 June – 8 September. Opening Reception: Friday, 5 July.

Electronics: Robert Cruickshank

Photo credits: Christof Migone (phones at the opening reception).