Mixer (Prague)


Other versions: Mixer (Athens), Mixer (Brussels), Mixer (London), Mixer (Melbourne), Mixer (Ottawa), Mixer (Toronto).

Solo version for the vs. Interpretation festival, Prague, Czech Republic, April 27 – May 1.

A mix of recorded works presented performatively. The recordings explore repetitive gestures, sonic references, and somatic rhythms.

Mixer is a list of verbs: translating, reading, singing, aging, spitting, breathing, sneezing, releasing, muting, counting, testing.

Mixer activates space.

Mixer performs outside of the concert hall, and as such is compact, contingent, and covert.

Mixer thrives in the interstices. Mixer is nimble research.

Migone_MIXER_Prague14 Migone_MIXER_Prague15 Migone_MIXER_Prague10 Migone_MIXER_Prague11 Migone_MIXER_Prague12 Migone_MIXER_Prague20 Migone_MIXER_Prague08 Migone_MIXER_Prague27