Mixer (Athens)


Other versions: Mixer (Brussels), Mixer (London), Mixer (Melbourne), Mixer (Ottawa), Mixer (Prague)Mixer (Toronto).

A mix of works presented in simultaneity. The layered performances explore repetitive gestures, glossolalic translations and somatic rhythms.

Works performed for this iteration of Mixer include Evasion, or how to perform a tongue escape in public (2001), The Rise and Fall of the Sounds and Silences from Mars (2011), Interval (2005), Hole in the Head (1996), Poker (2001), Record Release (12-inch) (2012-2019), Record Release (7-inch) (2014-2019), etc.

Part of the Borderline Festival. Curated by Michalis Moschoutis. At the main stage of Onassis Stegi, Athens, Greece, April 5.

Performers: Dafin Antoniadou, Stefanos Es, Angeliki Karampela, Paul Koutselos, Christof Migone, Anastasis Priftis, Joanna Toumpakari.

Photo credits: Andreas Simopoulos.