Hit Parade (Melbourne)


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Publication: Greatest Hits

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Thirty-nine participants lie face down where they proceed to pound the ground with the microphone one thousand times. The sound of each person’s actions is amplified. For the most part each performer chooses their own rhythm and intensity, but each performer is given a specific instruction (see home page for Hit Parade, link above, for the score).

Performance presented in the Great Hall of the National Gallery of Victoria in the context of the Liquid Architecture Festival in Melbourne, Australia, on Sunday September 28. Pdf of catalogue here, and insert with artist pages here.

Audio: Chris Lawson, Nic Mierisch and Matthew Crawford for ABC RN’s Creative Audio Unit, and originally featured on Soundproof. MP3 can be heard on (and downloaded from) the Soundproof – ABC Radio page.

Participants: Annabel Allen, Alan Bamford, France Barrett, Craig Bellamy, Gary Butler, Carmen Chan, J Chen, Rochelle Duke, Sarah Edwards, David Evans, Arie Glorie, Nathan Gray, Ceri Hann, Camilla Hannan, Kieran Hegarty, Jamie Helmer, Lloyd Honeybrook, Gemma Horbury, i’d m thfft able, Zoe Irving, Daniel Jenatsch, Amy-Jo Jory, Arvind Kumar, Anthony Magen, Kym Maxwell, Noah Maxwell, Andrew McDaddy, Adrian Meade, David Mutch, James Myers, James Parker, Helena Sandahl, Esther Tandi, Brett Thompson, Elizabeth Van Herwaarden, Jule Vincent, (and three missing names).

Photo: Aksana Hugo Anastas, CM.