Disco Sec


LP sleeve + 6 11″x11″ inserts + drilled holes + MDF board + PDF + CD + AIFF + MP3 (320kbps) – Cdn$45

PDF + AIFF + MP3 – Cdn$5

PDF + MP3 (320kbps) – Free

The original publication consisted of an LP cover, 5 x 11″ x 11″ full-color inserts, plus an audio CD. The numbered edition of 45 has a hole drilled through all the material (save the cd cover and cd itself), plus an MDF board to give the object much needed rigidity. The board has been marked by a punch tool with the number of the edition (see pic below). These are the only remaining copies of this publication.

Published by Avatar/OHM éditions. Graphic design by Jean-François Proulx of Balistique.

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List of works
Cut Cut (2008)
The front and back covers as well as the vinyl of two copies of the Slit’s first album ‘Cut’ (1979) are cut according to the circumference of each track on both sides of the album (there are five tracks per side).

Disco Fall (2008)
A disco ball (20″ diameter) is stripped of its mirrors. For the installation, the hundreds of mirrors lie on the ground directly underneath the revolving Death Star.

Disco Sec (2004-2008)
AUDIO: One hundred records representative of my listening over the years are reduced to the first and last second of each track. The playback of these seconds follows the placement in time on the original cds. Listen to audio here. TEXT: The artists’ names, album and track titles are scrambled to make new sentences. The track titles appearing in the TIMES section are left as is, they are in order of appearance on their respective CD. See full content below.

Doubles (2008)
The lyrics of 12 double albums placed in alphabetical order.

Rimmed Record (2008)
Vinyl records physically reduced to the outer rim, packaged in silk-screened recycled record covers. Playable at your own risk. Edition of 100.

Second Second (2008)
The second second of the second track of two hundred recordings. The playback of these seconds follows the placement in time of the original.

Single (2008)
The lyrics of 45 songs are placed in alphabetical order and each word is allowed only a single appearance.

Smoke Sec (2008)

Strobe Sec (2008)

Sunray Sec (2008)