Crackers (Halifax)


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       1 (5:52)
       2 (1:12)
       3 (3:37)
       4 (2:51)

Digital-only release including re-mastered version of Crackers (Ottawa).

Other version: Crackers (Ottawa).

Commissioned by Tracing the City: Interventions of Art in Public Space for the Urban Encounters: Art and the Public conference, NSCAD University / Dalhousie University, Halifax, October 10-12, 2013.

Participants: Ksenia Azanova, Spencer Davenport, Kylie Dyment, Rose Erin, Laura Hadley, Masaaki Itow, Gillian Maradyn Jowsey, Emily Lawrence, AJ MacDonald, Claire Matthews, Lee Roth, Jessica Lynn Weibe, Sophie Wonfor.

Recorded with the assistance of Annie Onyi Cheung.

Audio mastering by Harris Newman/Grey Market Mastering.