4 feet and 33 inches (circles)
4 feet and 33 inches (lines)
4 feet and 33 inches (ring)


Other versions: 4 feet and 33 inches (wood) (metal), 4 feet and 33 inches (ellipse) (ellipsis).

John Cage has referred to his famed 1952 composition 4’33” as a work that could be pronounced either ‘four minutes, thirty-three seconds’ or ‘four feet, thirty-three inches’.

There are three versions of the neon, one where the three movements of Cage’s composition are rendered as three circles, one where the three movements are in the form of straight lines, and a third where the three segments combine to form a ring. In each case the size of the segment is proportional to the timing of the three movements as determined by Cage: 0’33”, 2’40” and 1’20”.

In addition, the neons silently “play” the piece by turning on and off according to timings that are equal or proportional to Cage’s three movements (see videos).

First exhibit at Cambridge Galleries as part of group show titled 5 over 4 featuring other works by Marla Hlady, Eleanor King, Duncan MacDonald and Ursula Nistrup. May 2 – June 29, 2014.

This piece received funding from the Exhibition Assistance Program of the Ontario Arts Council.

Cambridge install photos by Scott Lee.